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Iiii still exit. Day job just kills my soul. I'm not even sure I have enough for another art submission explosion any time soon. Not that I can show here anyway. We'll see.
Hey all! If you follow me on Twitter, you may already know.. my main hard drive is super dead. Luckily no work/art was on that drive, but my computer is down. All the parts, including that drive and all my backup drives, are 7-10 years old if not more. I've torn apart, cleaned, and re-built a semi-functioning desktop from these same main components multiple times over during that time, but they are on their last leg.
So.. yeah. I'm in need of new parts.
That's what this post is for. My day job is done with its busy season, and I've got a 4 day weekend for Independence Day, with no plans, so..

I'm holding a "Nikki needs around $300 extra monies" sale on ATC/ACEO commissions!

$12 per card! Includes PayPal fees and the cost of postage (unless you live someplace crazy that costs more than $6 for basic letter mail. Then you'll have to chip in a bit more ;b).
(My normal rates are $15 per card or 2 for $25.)

I'm opening up 30 slots for art card commissions.
One card per slot, and you can get as many slots as your little heart desires.
Single character.

I'll also accept some other traditional work at this time, at regular prices.
$20 Detailed finished sketches.
$65 Fully colored marker/paint commissions.
Single character with no/simple background.
Add $5 for detailed background and each additional character. These will be worked on after the card slots.

PayPal only. You must submit payment before you're put on the list. Normally I'm more lenient on when payment is received.. but the goal here is to get a computer back up and running ASAP. :)
Most content is ok. If you've got some racy ideas, ask me. I'll politely let you know if it's something I'm comfortable with or not.

My entire long weekend will be spent working on these, and the plan is to finish as many as possible in that time, and any leftover within the month of July.
Full refunds can be requested at any time before your cards are started. After that, partial refunds based on work completed will be discussed.

Additionally, if you're interested in any of my cards already finished or partially started, as seen in the images here, they're up for grabs on sale as well.

$12 and I will finish any of these cards for you:
Harley, Argent, Shadowcat (Evolution), Starfire, SuperGirl, Emma Frost, Binary, Arisia, Andromeda (Marvel), Batgirl, Alphonse Elric, Zoidberg, Spider-Man, Catwoman, Andromeda (DC), Huntress, Anubis, Winry, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Lady of the Lake, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, Martha Jones, Teal'c, Gourry Gabriev, Lina Inverse, Anthy, Utena, Thomas Brode, Boreas, Titania, The Archmage, Banshee, Echidna, Lightspeed, Batwoman, Rogue (Evolution), a random kitsune, Demona, Puck, Aquagirl, Artemis, Aurora, Jean (Phoenix), Zatanna, Black Widow

$10 and you can claim any of these pre-finished cards.
Nosedive, Dr. Who, Matt Bluestone, Spider-man, Broadway, Edward Elric, a fairy dragon, an octo-mermaid, King Arthur (Gargoyles), chibi Caramelldansen Gambit, Angela, Olivia Armstrong, Uhura, Spock, Kim (Venture Brothers), Henchman 21, Lust, Greed

All your help and consideration is muchly appreciated, as are any links/pimpage sending more viewers to this post. :)

Any questions? Just ask! Claim your spots here, PM, or email at
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You guys realize it's about that time again, right? Right.
Prepare your bodies. I'm gonna submit a buncha random stuff all up in here.
You are warned.

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Once again! Have time for commissions. I will draw the things for you! Here's the details.
Other things I've been asked about:
$15 - digital colored small character bust for little forum icons/profiles and such. 500 pixels square, and a copy sized down smaller to whatever's needed.
$20 - Conbadges: Torso shot, larger than an ATC card. Add $5 shipping/laminating if traditional media. Digital badges, you receive a high quality file to print yourself.
$75/strip - Comic strips for your scripts (Like the Sunday funnies style, short comics around 1-6 panels per strip).
$100/page - Comic book pages for your scripts (includes pencils, inks, coloring, AND letters).
$100 - Dakimakura (double-sided custom body pillowcase. Cute/tame on one side, NSFW/naughty on the reverse.) Actual printed pillowcase, not just the art, is mailed to you.

I'm counting basic acrylic/watercolor paintings under the "Marker Colored" category.. including ACEO/ATCs if you wanna try something in paint. I don't get much call for it, so I've got no examples on hand, but I am confident in my painting abilities. I'm also up for custom character/creature sculptures, but that will take longer to produce. I've not done it in a while, and it's a time consuming process anyway. But, feel free to ask about project prices on that too. It'd be super fun for me to get back into that stuff. Heck, I also do chainmaille and beaded/wired jewelry and accessories, if you're into crazy things.

I will draw most content, but do have a few limits. I'll politely let you know if you get close to them with your request. I've not had to turn down any content yet, and am pretty flexible and open-minded, so if you're not sure, just ask.

Once I have your commission description, I'll respond with a final price total confirmation and any questions/answers. If the price sounds good, I accept PayPal to y2hecate[at] (other methods of payment can be discussed if needed. Just ask). If you've got any questions about acceptable content, you want something not on the basic list, need to use a different form of payment, or just want to confirm details, email me anyway. :)

If you're wanting something for a specific date/event, LET ME KNOW first thing. That way I can try to put a rush on it, or let you know if I can/can't make the deadline, right from the start.

I'm not taking any "pre-orders" or spot holding. E-mail me and give descriptions/discuss/get quotes, but nothing gets on the queue/no work is started until after payment is received in full. If by chance,you want a special project that ends up costing a lot more than the base prices listed, I'll allow 50% payment deposit to start, 50% on completion. Refunds can be requested at any time - Full if I've not started work on it yet. If I've started, you'll get a partial refund based on how much work has been completed.

Note: $5 shipping on traditional pieces is for the USA. Outside of that, we've gotta check actual prices.

Current Queue & Progress:

1. Denis - 1 Illustration (Inking)
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Hey! It's not a year between an update this time! Wooo!
Sadly.. not a lot of time for arts, with my day job going well. But there is some stuff. Moving didn't happen, due to sudden temp job turning into temp-to-hire. There's good and bad to that. No bigger city and creative art job for me just yet.. but I do like working where I'm at for now. Nice people. So yay! And stable work experience! Yay!
Now I just need to get my schedule straight, so I actually do some personal art when at home. Still doing a little.. but not as much as I want! Must DRAW ALL THE THINGS!
At the moment, I'm gonna warn ya.. if there's anyone opposed to the My Little Pony craze.. look away. I'm about to upload a little chunk of fanart from the show, and of some peoples' characters. It has become a small guilty pleasure of mine. :3
Not quite as big as previous art dumps.. but still. You've all been waaaaarned.
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Fair warning! Probably gonna have a massive influx of new submissions from me in the next few days or so. I've not uploaded in quite some time, and I've got the updatey bug. UPDATE ALL THE THINGS!
So.. what up? Juggling work, art, and getting ready to move again. Not much else going on. Though I am working on a personal comic project or two. Finally gonna jump on in and try not to panic. ;b So hopefully I'll have stuff on that to show off within the year!

I've got a few Commissions in queue, but I'm still open for more if you don't mind waiting on a list for a while.

Most content is ok.. Yes, even My Little Ponies. ^_~
If you want something you think is on the risky side, just ask. Worst that can happen is I politely decline. But, I might also know other artists who can help out.

Check over here for details:…

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TRUE story! I'm now taking signups for commission spots. Full details and queue over here:…
If you've ever been a fan of Disney's Gargoyles animated series and comics, pay attention.

I.. don't even know where to begin with this. I guess I'll link the article.…

So.. Disney's trying to make a new Gargoyles. A movie even. But oh, it's not the Gargoyles we know and love. No. They just want to use the name.. create a mythology.. make them the heroes.. and put it in modern times.

Why would Disney do this without bringing in Greg at all? I mean.. way to try and KILL the old, awesome Gargoyles property. We all saw what happened with season 3 when they tried doing their own thing with it.

Ugh. Somethin needs to be done. Stinks need to be made. Original Gargoyles fans need to be made aware, and get loud and excited again about the 1994 cartoon series that brought us all together and made us who we are!

If Disney is going to make a Gargoyles movie.. it needs to be the REAL Gargoyles! Come on.

Spread the word, peoples. All over. Be loud. Things get done when we're loud.
There's already a facebook for it. Go crazy!…
Working at the bar (covering too many shifts for sick coworkers!), coloring for a new web comic (, and moving states this past year really threw me. But I'm back at it, trying to get reorganized in all areas of life.

Almost all my old commissions are done. Just waitin on some info.
I'm scheduling my time better for opening commissions up again soon (and getting them done in a reasonable amount of time!)
My site's finally got some new content! Half updated gallery, with more coming in a day or two.
Fanart, ATC, and Junk sections have content up, both new and old.
Some of my old ATC cards are for sale on there too.
There's a new little "Ask me anything" type widget from on the Contact page. Feel free to try it out. You do need to have an account logged in, but I've got it set so that you can ask questions anonymously.

In other cool news, I've saved up and am expecting a Cintiq tablet and a smudgeguard partial glove thingy to arrive on my doorstep in the near future. :D Here's to more, better coordinated, shiny new digital arts on the way! So excited!
Been trying out the paint/drawing program called SAI too. It's fun! So much experimenting and learning/growing in the art department is anticipated!

Also trying to get into more conventions. Been to Momocon in the Artist Alley outdoor overflow area (and helped Staff a little). Sent some art to Frolicon's art show. Planning to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta in the fall (maybe try to get in the art show madness there too.) Hope to increase that even more in the next convention season, attending more as an artist/dealer, or maybe even Staff or panelist, rather than just a spectator.

Anyway.. Back to work! Back to being motivated and productive!
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Well, I got the bug to post a lil somethin just.. to say I'm still here.
One of these days I'd love to get all my files organized and update this and my web page.. and put together a real portfolio thing. But I seem to be highly unmotivated the past few months in particular. Would like to finish up existing and start new ATC and other such commissions and projects again too.
I'll try and keep moving forward.
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Following up my last entry.. we have art!

The staff of the Gathering would like to invite you to look at our online auction, which will be an ongoing thing featuring art donated by several talented and dedicated fans in profit of the Gathering of the Gargoyles convention! We will be running our auctions for 7 days, adding a new one every three or four days. The listings will have original art, ATCs, signed prints, comic book pages, original sculptures and even commissions by some of the top Gargoyles fan artists active today: Nikki Owens (That would be ME, yo), Kythera of Anevern, Jade Griffin, Karine "Kanthara" Charlebois, Shing Khor, and even more!

Please visit us at… and bid on our auctions. All proceeds go to the Gathering of the Gargoyles, in order to invite as many guests as we can, and host the best con there is!
This text is swiped directly from :iconcinsangel: (with permissions). So if ya watch her, sorry for the repeat. But it's VERY IMPORTANT, guys. So if you can help in any way, even by just re-posting this anywhere, to let others know about the con and call for art and such, we really appreciate it! <3

Hi all! Can't come to Gathering but always wanted to? Want to help keep the con running for another year? You can help!

For any artists!
We're currently attempting our first ever Art For The Gathering! auction. We'll accept donations of original fan art for advance fund-raising auctions on Ebay in June and July. If you are an artist who would like to donate a piece of artwork or a commission slot, please contact us! Or even leave a comment here so I can contact staff!
Any piece of art you're willing to part with or would like to do for auction will be welcomed. We plan to auction the pieces off on ebay and all the proceeds will go to helping keep Gathering of the Gargoyles alive!
Donors of artwork will be recognized on our web site and in the convention program book. The deadline for donations for the Ebay auction is May 31, 2009.
Also, if you can donate, please spread the word about this and let people,your fans,the show's fans, etc. know about our auction so we can generate more publicity about it.

For all fans of Gargoyles!
We are also accepting donations for the live auction at the convention. If you have an item of "Gargoyles" merchandise that needs a new home, please contact us to find out how you can get it to us and help support the convention. The auction is one of our big sources of income to keep the con running so anything you're willing to part with; Toys, cels, posters, anything, will be of help.

For Cosplayers and other Con-goers!
Would anyone mind dumping fliers on con freebee tables if you go to any con before Gathering? Gathering is August 21-24th. We'd be happy to reimburse you up to 100 copies if you send us the receipt. Local So Cal cons would be ideal but we're happy with any cons giving us a little publicity. If you're willing to do this, leave me a message with some contact info and what con you're going to.
The flyer print out is here!…

If you get a chance and have the time, just give the con a shout out! On your LJ or Devart site or message board. Just a little word that may pass the info about the con to others who would like to go or help out. Every little bit helps and we'd really appreciate it!
Any help is appreciated guys. So if you can spare the little extra time, we'd be EXTREMELY grateful.

For more information on Gathering you can find our website here:…
Just a little mention to say I'm not dead. I still check my watchlist here frequently. Just not had the time to sort through and upload/describe anything.
I have, however, updated my personal website layout. Art updates to follow soon.
And I do post random art on livejournal and twitter. Same name as here and elsewhere, Y2Hecate.
Will try and upload new stuff that doesn't look as junk as my old stuff soonish!

There just ain't enough time in the day to do all I want to do and update everything I should. Arr!
Put all my deviation back outta storage, just 'cause I felt the need.
Lotsa shit is hitting the fan here at DA, apparently. I don't like it.
I was going to do one of my mass updates, but I don't think I will now. My art can be found on my webpage and livejournal, though I rarely update those with art either (I'm lazy, you know).
If DA continues to go downhill, I might just have to join the mass exodus. We'll see.

Some links to what's been going on. More can be found easily if you look:…………


If you notice my deviations and scraps all missing.. good for you! You're paying attention.
I've put my entire gallery in storage.. partly for this:…
Partly just because I felt like it.
Don't know when I'll put it back up. I'll let you know where art's gonna be posted when stuff happens.
If you want to participate too, go here:…
Once finished, post here to be in the head count:…
Hi, my name is Nikki and I am obsessed with Puck, a character from Disney's cartoon show, Gargoyles.
SO obsessed, that I've created a club.
Come obsess with me!


Still looking for people to be drawn. I need hands, feet, and faces. Info here:…

Still taking commissions at reduced prices. Info here:…
This post has one purpose.
That is, to draw your attention to.. this post in my livejournal.…
If you would like me to attempt to draw your face, hands, or feet for my Figure Drawing class this semester, please follow the link, read the info, and post/e-mail me some links.
Sorry to those of you that have to put up with seeing this more than once.

I'm still taking commissions at reduced prices, by the way.
Info on that can be found here:…

Over the course of this weekend, I'll be uploading somewhere around 100 deviations/scraps. Old works, up to present stuff. Some's on my site.. some isn't. Some I've never shown to the public before.
You have been warned.

..well, maybe not. But they are lower.
Changed/updated my commissions page. Added a queue, added a category for metalworking and all else, and lowered my rates.
Why? Because my Vegas Gathering 2005 fund has officially begun. ..and it, much like my queue, is pretty darn empty.
Want some art? Want to see me in Vegas?
Go here:…

I may put up some auctions or list some art, books, and other things for sale sometime in the near future.

Appologies if you've already seen this on LJ.
So.. happy new year to everyone.
*pokes at her signature thingy, trying to get it to work* Nyer.
Maybe some new pictures soon. Maybe even today or by Friday before I have to get back to school.. if I make myself go through my files. We'll see.
Might have more time for personal art things now that I have no actual art classes this semester.. Depends on how my English, Japanese, Logic/Geometry, and Astronomy goes, I guess. >.<
Um.. I'm good. Want more detail and slightly more updates/art? (Not much art over there either, sorry. I must get organized.) I'm over on livejournal.
Dododo. Um.. I actually got my webpage kinda up. With some school art from last semester and things.
..I guess that's it.