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£10 is the initial down payment which covers the cost of one hour of drawing, +£5 for each additional half hour that I end up spending on drawing that you must pay when it's finished to recieve the drawing. This of course will make more complex drawings more expensive. Nothing NSFW please!

Contact me via notes if you're interested! :)

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Happy Birthday!
This is Yorshee, I'm posting from my old account (if you need confirmation that this is actually me you can contact me on Twitter @ yorshee).

I must've changed my password at one point and forgotten to make a note of it (I don't even remember doing so but I can't think of any other explanation as to why I can't log in to this account) and I don't even remember what email I used for this account so I can't access the 'forgotten password?' email. I didn't really care much for this account when I made it and initially just used it as a dumping ground for my crappy doodles until I started to draw more regularly again and take my art more seriously, which is why I must've used some random throwaway email.

So yeah I don't have access to this account anymore. :T

I've contacted dA and they can't help me - not even tell me what email is tied to the account - so this account is dead now.

I'm still on Twitter though, I might make an art Tumblr too one day.

HannathenordHobbyist General Artist
Hello, I was wondering if you would be okay with people using your art for roleplay purposes? With credit of course!
Happy Birthday. You are remarkable, for you are one of the only who is so ambitious with kerbal space program art in such an adorable cartoony form. How did you grow to like the game, I am interested!

As for kerBALL space program, it will take some time before any animations of that, but I 100% want to do so. I want to do a simpler practice animation, with of course 24fps and no looped frames; it's some 80s cyberpunk space world with nothing but cubes and tetras moving or something, a mini war, synced to music that I compose. Very good practice considering many of my animations will focus on movement of 3d objects like trains, rockets, etc. Changes in perspective.
Thanks! :D

I got interested in KSP after watching someone stream it years ago. I've always been interested in space so a game where you build your own rockets and fly them was the perfect game for me.

Good luck with your animation! :D
Tedwin-Knockman66Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy B-day