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Sun Feb 11, 2018, 4:42 PM
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Know when its enough by y0g3n Blahblahblah by y0g3n Rite of merit - Mounted shooting by y0g3n Under Wisteria flowers by y0g3n

ARPG art is any art based around a closed species or an RPG in which you use art to gain levels/currency.
Arpg art has it's own pricing in my commission list due to the high demand for it and the special requirements is has.

Sketch page - $10-100

PRAYIN by y0g3n Meena by y0g3n
Sketch pages give you a certain amount of FP for your ARPG character.
 Each sketch page is priced according to the amount of level points (HP/FP/AP/CP) you're wishing to get for your creature.

Activities and Trainings - $15-$35

Know when its enough by y0g3n Along the water by y0g3n Beach boys by y0g3n Bear with me by y0g3n

Activities and trainings can be found here, up to three Kuku can be involved in each training/activity to be rolled/counted. You may provide a general idea of what you'd like to see, which starter/parent/trainer you'd like involved. Up to five characters are allowed in each image, excluding a trainer/starter.

Enamored - $10

Under Wisteria flowers by y0g3n Aquietmoment by y0g3n Star gazers by y0g3nCatch Me If You Can by y0g3n

Shows two to four kukuri in a romantic/friendly way with each other.

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Created by KathleenMitch
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February 11