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Taking offers

Mon Jul 9, 2018, 7:03 PM

Taking offers on this BB - Will accept other BBs, USD, or combo of USD + art
Paid $550 for them!

272 - Clydesdale by TheKingdomOfGriffia

Comes with:

Created by KathleenMitch

Raffle - AD

Thu Jun 28, 2018, 10:44 AM
No, no, it's not my raffle, but it belongs to Solar-Frost who has a beautiful candied azure girl with wisp who is NOT related to Joy!

Pretty girl is shown below - heres the link to the slot raffle:…

Neva 5454 by Kuku-ri

Created by KathleenMitch

Slots for BTT

Mon Apr 2, 2018, 6:03 PM
Offering two slots to this bab in return for his BTT!

Undilyn 4777 by Kuku-ri

Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy


Luminescent Velvet Hazel with Smoke

Folded ears, Ram horn

Dinural, Herbivore

---------------------------------------- SSS: Raei 003
------------------- SS: Bourbon 117
---------------------------------------- SSD: Virvatuli 007
Sire: Broadway 452
---------------------------------------- SDS: Unknown
------------------- SD: Untuva 002
---------------------------------------- SDD: Unknown
---------------------------------------- DSS: Unknown
------------------- DS: Vincent 008
---------------------------------------- DSD: Unknown
Dam: Dahlia 2416 
---------------------------------------- DDS: Unknown
------------------- DD: Kiuru 019
---------------------------------------- DDD: Unknown

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

Slot one - OPEN

Lest it Breaks
Kukuri don’t always know when rough housing with their handler goes too far and sometimes it’s a learning process for both.
° Draw or write about the kukuri’s handler trying to teach them to be gentler with the more delicate things in life. Perhaps teaching them not to snap when being handed food, not to chew through the door, or that jumping onto the bed means that soon bed will just be a mattress on the floor.

Must be done with his handler, would like for him to break a bust/lamp/vase in her home and look very guilty.

Slot two - OPEN
Play Nice with Others
You can’t usually get too far in life without some kind of social skills. Whether you’re interacting with your loaf, your handler, or a potential mate, it pays off to know how to behave with others.
° Draw or write about one of the first times your Kukuri encountered strangers, and how they responded. Were they a natural charmer? Did things begin tense but smooth out with time? Or was it a total disaster?

Would like for this to include his handler watching over him while he plays (roughly) with Pisew 12434 who doesn't really like it, but also doesn't really react aside from a look towards the handler.

My part is already finished:

Innocence Gone
Sometimes unexpected things happen in life. One day, you’re going along, enjoying life, and then something’s taken from you and it’s gone forever. Learning to cope with loss and come out the other side is fundamental to mental wellness.
° Draw or write about a time where your Kukuri had to learn to live with loss (whether it was the death of someone close or the loss of a childhood toy, just so long as they learn to live without it!).

Boy thought he was getting candied apples, little did he know, April Fools is a thing and those are onions.
Candyapple by y0g3n

Cherry Blossom ~ Divider by NimyluCherry Blossom ~ Divider by Nimylu

Created by KathleenMitch


Tue Mar 13, 2018, 4:49 PM
Hi there! looking to fill my two remaining breeding posts for the month, offering a slot to both Hornet and Torukan, one to each!

I have a few rules:
  1. I post the breeding so i get first pick
  2. enamoured will be done either fully by me or as a collab (have sketched done currently!)


Hornet 1375 by Kuku-ri

Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Ringed Hazel with Siamese and Blanket

Floppy ears, Para horn, Short tail
Diunral, Carnivore


Torukan 1065 by Kuku-ri

Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Painted Azure with Pangare
High ears, Rhino horn
Crepuscular, Omnivore

Created by KathleenMitch

Sales center

Thu Mar 8, 2018, 2:33 PM
Hello! I've decided to separate all of my sales journals to keep things a bit more neat!

If you're looking for my slot sales click here!
If you're looking for my geno sales click here!
If you're looking for my design sales click here!

Any special deals will be posted here! Special deals are combo slots, rare genos, any import sales and so on and so forth.
Currently I am running a sale on SLOTS! For 15 FP I will do an enamored for any slot bought from my shop! Many slots up for simple BTTs!

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

Mini girl with uncommon coat color & uncommon Patched marking!

Short tail boy for sale!

Comes with art, 2/3 btt finished (can be finished and approved before transfer if you wish!)

40 // trade
Offer HERE

For geno trades I am currently looking for rare horns / ears on pearl or raven bases. NOT looking for iris, but may look at lumis.

Created by KathleenMitch

Joy slots

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 17, 2018, 9:10 AM
Hey, I missed out on buying a slot to Joy so now I'm in search of two slots to her~

Please list the amount of slots and the price if you're willing to part with slots to her <3

So, we all get a bit stumped sometimes when it comes to what to draw, and sometimes we have so many ideas that we want to see on paper/computer but not enough time to do so ourselves, so I was thinking we could all toss in ideas for certain aspects of the ARPG to be used as little prompts ~

I'd like to categorize them into sets for training ideas, hunting/gathering ideas, traveling ideas, and lastly excavating ideas, I'll put quick links so we can find them when we can't think of any "good" ideas when we're attempting to draw!

I'm leaving my night-shift job and will only be working mornings soon, so i'd like to get back into roleplaying some more! I'm looking for characters to build relationships with my own, maybe set up canon mates and give each other a few slots to be used for the lore we would build ~

Mostly in search of someone who would be on a similar schedule to myself (I work everyday around 7am to 6 pm central time) meaning from 6:30 to 10:30 would be free time for me.

These roleplays would be a mutually beneficial thing as we'd both be getting art of our characters, slots (occasionally), and building stories that can be used for FP/HP



First up I have Luve
Her unofficial design: Luve By Y0g3n-dbsarm4 by y0g3n

She's meant to be a selfish, stubborn, and really just spoiled girl. I'm looking for a friend or two for her to push around and bully, and maybe a mate (preferably a raven or pearl based one for the chance at jade/azure) who can be snarky and handle her rudeness without too much bickering. Maybe looking for a mate with heart for the chance at making some dom-heart babes?
Any friends/mate would be drawn in almost any picture she's in (especially activities and training) thats drawn by myself.


I then have Bugger, whose personality and name I'll be changing soon, he'll be renamed to Molan
Bugger 1908 by Kuku-ri
He won't be as much of a trouble maker, and will instead be a hard-headed boy who likes things his way. He's a huge mammas boy when it comes to his handler, even though he doesn't always agree with her taking things away when he's getting into things he knows he's not supposed to. He's weary and untrusting of strangers, especially wild kuku as he's heard of the bad things that some of them can do to humans.
For him I'm thinking of having an adventurous friend or two who get him into trouble (lots of exploring images!!) and possibly a mate who teases him for trying to be a goody-two-shoes while still getting into a mess!


And I would really love some friends for my goof-ball to get along with:
Mylo 4206 by Kuku-ri
Mylo is a good lil boi who just needs some friends to go hunt/gather/explore with! He's a big cry baby who will probably get lost or get too spooked by something and hide behind the bigger of his friends!
Looking for kind kukus, maybe one to bully him sometimes, but mostly looking for a very close friend for him to be drawn with in activities.



Also looking for stuff for my Tokos!

Bean 19450 by TotemSpirit

Bean is a mischief boy and so another trouble maker would be a good fit for him ~

Pisew 12434 by TotemSpirit

Pisew I'd love to find a mate for, someone excitable that she can help calm down.



And maaaaaaybe some Felvarg rps ~
Unalaq 202 by Ulfrheim
-big marshmallow baby who just needs cuddles
- would hunt endlessly
For him I'm really just looking for friends~
His PoC is already in the works (just gotta get them from my phone to the computer and get them lined and colored)
Maybe one of his friends could eventually become a mate, but for now just friends!

LF: Toko Designs

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 8, 2017, 4:20 PM

Need two Tokots designed! Willing to pay in rolls or HP (no more than 20 HP per design!) or small amounts of USD.

Designs are as follow:

Female, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying brown piebald with accents and vitiligo
Preferences: Eyes golden, Piebald similar to this baby horse…

4) Male, Natural Mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared greying brown van gogh piebald with accents
Preferences: Eyes violet, reference this: Standard Marble fox for the piebald please!…

Secret Santa - Kukuri

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 6, 2017, 10:15 AM


Hello all!
This year, I'd like to host a Secret Santa within the :iconkukuri-arpg: group!

This will be open to all members, including new people who do not own any kukus but would like to join in on the fun!
There will only be a few rules, just to keep things fair and they're as follow:
  1.  You must fill out the forum provided if you'd like to participate, please comment it below!
  2.  All art/lit/transfers must be done by December 20th to give time for everyone to get their present!
  3.  Please do not join if you're not going to uphold your end of it!
  4. On Christmas day all participants will be told who their gift-giver was!
  5. All art made for the Secret Santa will be put into a Stash folder so that it really is a secret until Christmas!

Feel free to offer anything you'd like to your Secret Santa, including but not limited to:
Activity rolls, FP sheets, Genos, Breeding Slots, Training images, Lore, Icons, really any kind of art or lit. you can think of!

Fill out the following forum to be included in this Secret Santa!

Preferred Kuku to be drawn: (add up to five to give choices!)
Would you accept Genos/slots?: yes/no
What are you offering as your gift?: art, geno, slots, ect? (ex. Up to 50 FP and a training image)
What would you like to get?: art, geno, slots? (ex. a geno with lynx ears or 25+ FP) *be vague!

Free PoC (Felvarg)

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 11, 2017, 11:43 AM
I'm gonna be doing my PoC for Unalaq 202 but didn't want him to be all alone, so I'm looking for another to join him.

The prompts I'm doing are: The Beginning - #2: Each Felvarg needs to find it's voice. Depict your Felvarg as a pup, practicing their very first howl.
Internal Instinct - #7: It is important not to let your fears get the better of you, nor to ignore them and hope they go away. Depict your Felvarg facing and/or overcoming a fear that they struggle with.

For Internal Instinct I plan on showing him overcoming a fear of thunder, so it'd be great if your Fel was also afraid of thunder/rain/storms ~


Journal Entry: Mon Sep 18, 2017, 10:41 AM
Hey guys, so I'm gonna be pinging people I owe art to as I'll likely not be able to make my deadlines for some of them!

My internet is going to be out starting tonight until about Monday of next week, I will still be able to work on all owed art and such, just will not be able to upload (unless doing so through my cellphone!) it until I have my internet back on. The reason for my internet shortage is due to my family not having money for it and we are changing providers. Please be patient with me while I try to get everything together.

I'll likely be taking pictures with my phone to upload on and send you a note with those so you know for sure your work is done, it just needs to be actually uploaded when I have a chance to stop by a Mcdonalds or Starbucks and steal their internet on my day off.

Unrelated, I am having issues with my car, it's going to be at least $600 to fix, which means until next thursday when I get paid, I'll be without a car and having to depend on my family, boyfriend, and my coworkers to get anywhere. Luckily my boyfriend lives very close to a Mcdonalds so I'll be seeing if I can have him drop me there for a while in the morning one day, then pick me up and take me back to his place during his lunch break.


In brighter news, my ARPG will be opening starter slots (slots to breeding pairs will be priced at $8, to single mix-and-match slots will be $5 each. MYO will also be opening soon, starting with a base price of $5 and going up on the rarity of genes you'd like!)
My ARPG is a Warrior cats based ARPG, there are two starting clans, activities can be done to raise your level and earn currency (haven't decided between Bones or Mushrooms as the currency tbh) you can breed and create your own clan eventually! All earnings from the ARPG will be put towards making the group a supergroup, then after that all earnings will go to keeping supergroup and a local animal-based charity (I'm currently torn between the local Pets Alive! group and a bird sanctuary, maybe I'll split it down the middle and donate to both!)

animeartist62 omeeko RaykaLNova

ARPG Commissions

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2017, 1:07 PM

Points: CLOSED (100 :points: = $1)
Paypal: OPEN
ARPG currency: OPEN

Policy|| Please read before commissioning

Special! Looking to fundraise a bit so I can start working on a special breeding project with my Kuku, so I'm offering some super discounted commissions to the Toko and Kuku community (and others!) for a limited time!

If you are not comfortable with my T.O.S and/or are not going to agree them,
I suggest you to look for another artist.


You are only purchasing the digital file. Not a print of the art unless otherwise discussed.
I will provide up to four WIP pictures, one at the sketch stage, one at the inking stage, one after coloring, and a final WIP of the shading, though these will all be heavily watermarked for my protection. If you require sketches and/or wips, maybe I'm your artist.

I will send you the full resolution picture (via email or note, it will be a link to a dropbox folder, same as all of your WIP images), but my signature will remain on it. If you happen to need to re-upload the picture somewhere, I would appreciate if you only upload the image with credit.

Be sure to save the picture somewhere on your computer, usb memory, ect. I clean my Dropbox from time to time to save space.
If you want to order an illustration for commercial use, prices will need to be discussed. The following cases are considered commercial use:
♦ Reproducing and selling the artwork.
♦ When you receive profit in the medium where you're using it and/or as a way to get attention (like Patreon, You Tube videos, banner of personal site, business cards...)
I reserve the rights of increasing or decreasing the price of a quote after 30 days if I feel a price change is necessary or warranted due to whatever reason.

I reserve the right to cancel your commission at any point if I don't feel like drawing it or you have been proved troublesome in any way.
Do not ask me to draw in a different style. If you commission me it's because you like my work, not because your favorite artist is busy.

Even if the provided reference of your character has a color palette section, I will most likely modify those colors a bit to make them fit my style (it's just a slight change). However, if you want me to stick to them, please specify it on the form. The "Other" section is a good place for these matters.

As an artist, my art is constantly evolving, so there might be slight differences between the samples in my gallery and the illustration you will receive (lineart style, coloring method, composition...). They are very slight changes, but please keep that in mind.
By purchasing any of my services you're automatically accepting my Terms of Service and being obligated to follow them. As well as promising you won't request any Paypal chargeback.


As the artist I hold every right to the produced artwork, so I may do whatever I wish with it, in example;
♦ Post/display the picture anywhere I want (giving you proper credit as the owner of the characters).
♦ Promote myself with it in any place.
♦ Offer the digital files on Patreon, Gumroad and similar sites.
♦ Publish books with it.

As a commissioner you may:
♦ Repost the art on other sites with proper credit to my gallery/page (with no profit purposes).
♦ Print the art and even make whatever merchandising you want as long as it's only for your personal use and not for sale.
♦ Use it as decoration for your deviantART profile, Facebook avatar, Skype... as long as it's a personal account and you're not making any profit with it.

You are NOT ALLOWED to:
♦ Change, modify or use my works without my permission, aside from cropping for avatars/profile images.
♦ Reproduce the copyrighted artwork commercially (meaning making money of it in any way)
♦ Take credit for the art.
♦ Remove my watermarks/signatures unless cropping for a profile photo, in which I'd appreciate a link back to the piece in my gallery.

If you wish for your commission to not be uploaded anywhere on the internet I'll charge you an extra 30% fee of the total price.
If by any case you wish to "un-privatize" that commission in the future (so you can upload it somewhere), you just have to send me a note or message, however there will be no refunds for the extra privatization fee.


Only use YOUR OWN PayPal account

* You must own the paypal account - do not use your parent's account or someone else's, even with their permission.

WHY? This is to protect myself against the real owner of the account revoking a payment and causing me to lose money while taking on your commission.
In addition, I can only provide refunds to properly owned accounts.
I will only accept Paypal and deviantART points payments unless stated otherwise.

I require 25% of full payment before I start the artwork. 100% payment must be made before the full version of the piece will be sent to you.

Paypal payments will only be accepted in USD, unless I give you other instructions.

If you don't know how much prices are in your currency use this conversor:

I will send you an invoice instead of having you send me the payment right away.

You MUST include the statement provided below in the payment info. If you don't, I'm refunding your commission until you have done so

Statement: "I, USERNAME, accept your terms of service and I verify that the commission I am purchasing is 100% voluntary. I understand that there are absolutely no refunds after art has been started and a sketch has been approved."

Paypal fees are included. What you see is what you will have to pay.

If payment is not received in 72 hours after I've placed the invoice, you will lose your slot unless stated otherwise previously.

I will add you to my to-do list once payment is cleared and details are given.

Do not send me any kind of payment until I have confirmed I can accept your commission. Always wait for my instructions first, specially if you're paying with dA points.

For Point payments, please wait for my instructions. Sometimes I will make you pay through the Commission Widget and others using the Give button.

If you wish to tip me for doing a good job (as I know it is a custom in some countries) you can do it through my or the donation pool on my page. I will deeply appreciate it ♥

For auctions: DO NOT retract yourself or you may be blocked.
♦ On your first and second problematic transaction you'll receive a simple verbal warning.
♦ The next time you back down from the auction you'll be blocked and lose any future opportunities to bid in auctions from me.


Send me a note or comment and I will send you a few short questions to fill out.
Send it to me in a note titled "Commission order" or something similar.
Wait for my answer so we can discuss any details if needed.
Google Form is in the works! Soon I will simply send you a link to a form to fill out!


I am very busy with school and a job outside of art, however I will try to finish quickly and keep you updated. ETA is 1-3 months from the moment I receive payment. If you have ordered more than one illustration or there's other commissions to be done before yours, the waiting time will increase. Check my To do list on my profile whenever you want for a status update.
The most you'll have to wait for your commission is 3 months (in the worst case, which is not the usual, but it may happen).
***This cannot be applied to Collab Commissions where I have no control over my partner's life and schedule, but again I'll do what's in my hand so you don't have to wait much.
I tend to work when I feel most motivated so that your commission is done properly and with best effort!

I will always inform you if something comes up and there is a delay with the art.

You may ask how your commission is going whenever you'd like, but as I stated before I only offer the four free WIP pictures, additional WIP pictures can be purchased for about $.10 a picture.

If you need your commission to be made by a certain date (example; the commission is a birthday present for someone) you must state it in the form. An extra fee may be charged due to giving your commission priority.


Once the picture is finished, I can do small changes such as color adjustments and/or adding tiny details I may have forgotten.

Any great changes will come with an extra charge. Such as an outfit change, character addition or subtraction, background change or anything that makes me have to redraw it completely.

If your reference was unclear to start with, then you are not allowed to do minor changes without a fee. Make sure to be clear in your order what you aim for.


I can refund 100% of the payment only if I have not started working on the sketch. Once I have started the sketch I can refund 50% of the payment. Once I reach the lineart stage, meaning I have an approved final sketch, there will be no refunds.

You have no right to cancel or demand a refund from the artist under any circumstances after payment are received UNLESS it has been over a month and you have not heard/seen anything, including uploads of other art.

If you file a chargeback against me, your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted and I have the right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers.
Also note that you will be blocked and you won't be able to purchase anything from me anymore (commissions, adopts...).
Your name and info will be stored in my blacklist for future reference.

----- Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission. ----

credit to onisuu Sueweetie Yamio and Neko-Rina for ToS help/inspiration

  • $5 Headshots
    Tokota or Kukuri

    A nice portrait of your Tokota, Kukuri, or handler, can upgrade to a page of up to five (5) Toko or Kuku on a single image for $3 each ($17 for 5 headshots!). All FP/HP will be calculated for you and
    Link to Import/reference:
    Paypal Email:
    Other: (expression, props, ect.)

  • $10 Full bodies
    No background, No lines

    A nice full body illustration of your character on a transparent background, done linelessly.  
    Link to Import/reference:
    Paypal Email:
    Other: (expression, props, ect.)

  • $15 Training/Rites
    Backgroun, No lines, Painted style

    A nice full body illustration of your character on a matching background, done linelessly. Can do BTT (Kukuri), Heavy Load (kukuri), Battle (Kukuri), Enamored (Kukuri), Rites of Fertility (Tokota), Rites of Dominance (Tokota)
    Link to Import/reference:
    Paypal Email:
    Other: (expression, props, rite, training, ect.)

  • $20 Rolls
    Activity rolls for all ARPG

    A nice full body illustration of your character on a matching background, done linelessly. Can be hunting, gathering, battling, travelling, excavating, fishing, Dom. Activities and so forth. These will contain up to three (3) characters!
    Link to Import/reference:
    Paypal Email:
    Other: (expression, props, activity, ect.)

Journal Skin by shiroyanya
**By submitting for a quote and/or commission you hereby agree to the following, if you submit for a quote and/or commission and have not read and agreed to these Terms of Service your quote and/or commission will be terminated.


❖ All payment should be in USD or Points, unless I specifically ask for other forms of payment. (Genos for Kuku, adopts, art, FP, ect.)
All payment should be made through PayPal, via invoice method or through my donation pool. I will send an invoice to you. PLEASE DO NOT send me any payment, it will be refunded as I do not know who you are or what the money is for!
At least a partial payment is required within SEVEN days of your request being accepted; failure to do so will result in loss of your commission slot. If you need more time, let me know.

❖ I do offer a payment plan for larger commissions, typically for my digital paintings or large group commissions only.
Payment plans must be approved beforehand!

❖ I accept full refunds within a SINGLE month. If you feel truly unhappy with the art, before that month is up, and I cannot fix it, I will refund you. 
Refunds requested for longer than a month will only have a 50% return. Payment Plans will only have a 30% return. This is not negotiable. (to clarify, if you ask for a refund a month past the original full payment date, you will only get 50% back from me)

❖ Payment Plans require a $50 deposit (payment plans longer than 30 days will have a $70 non refundable deposit). Minimum payment is $50 a week! (or $200 a month) you can choose to pay more each week or month but all rules above apply.

Keep in mind, that you can resell it to others for the same price as long as you link them back to my profile or the original piece. 


By buying a design or commission from me, you’re purchasing my labor and only a partial right to a design. I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to distribute, reproduce or use the image as a sample for sales/self-promotion. 

❖ I claim all rights to the Intellectual Property, but I will not reuse/resell the design again for personal and commercial projects.
❖ I reserve the right to reject your custom and/or commission proposal without question.
❖ I reserve the right to modify and resell any rejected/refunded designs and/or sketches to be sold at a later date.


❖ The commissioner may upload the work done to your site/profile/dA/FA as long as it is credited and linked back to my gallery or profile. 
❖ You may use it for any personal use that you please, including but not limited to icons, signatures, layouts, wallpapers, themes and personal site display, as long as it is credited

You retain partial rights to the IP. You own the particular qualities of that character that exists in the world created for them.
You may sell the character or art back to me, I then retain the right to reuse the pose/background in new pieces.
You may trade the character for other designs. 
You may not trade away gifted designs, you may only gift them.
You may sell the character for the same price you purchased it with. You may add on the price of any artwork you personally paid for. It is your responsibility as a commissioner to read and abide by artists t.o.s
Please link that person back here so they may have a home to share it with.



❖ After payment is received: I sketch and send this, heavily watermarked, image to you for approval (this is when you should ask for any and all changes!) or give you the full sized image of the already designed character adopt.
❖ You may request minor tweaks if I missed any distinguishing features present in your reference and/or descriptions.

❖ I reserve the right to add a $5 USD fee over any edits after the first three. Please be clear and concise in your description of the change. You can use other works and photos as references for the changes if you'd like.


I reserve the right to deny any and all commissions from anyone at anytime.