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Just Keep Swimming by y0g3n Just Keep Swimming by y0g3n


HP Total for this: 19 HP (33/50)

2019 word story below vvv

A vast land lay out, sprawled across the mountains and valleys that rest nestled between. A golden sun making the climb to the summit of the sky, a chartreuse and egg-shell forest tip-toed through the gully between the mountains, creating a dappling of colors like brilliant gemstones strewn across a display case. The mid-day warmth hardly enough to melt the snow that spotted the landscape, creating a slush of freezing muck to line often traveled paths. Bird-song filled the air, giving a sound of life to the otherwise lifeless hollow. Water, lapping eagerly at the shore of it's lake, could be heard as well, moving in and out as it carried on an almost melodic rhythm with steady undulation of the waves.

The sounds of the valley amplified as they lifted through the atmosphere into the dominating mountains around them, and eventually, into the ears of two canines who made their way steadily towards the source of the sounds. Snowy foot prints could be seen for about a mile or so before they became indistinguishable from the rest of the surround mounds and slopes of snow. All these lead up to two canines, both rather large males, who seemed at least a tiny bit interested in the hollow below. The two moved in an almost perfect unison, their gazes flickering back and forth between them to keep a fixed pace, one that allowed them time to reach their destination without wasting much energy to get there on time.

Pluming, a breath of billowing frost and heat escaped the maw of the darkly colored male, a blazing fire within his eyes as he gave a glance towards his comrade, it seemed he wished to continue on at a faster pace, but remained constant with his paler companion. His pelt rippled as the pair moved, it was clear he was well built and muscular in ways that only something wild could be. He was almost draft horse like in the muscular build of his body, something that couldn't be said about the lighter colored of the pair, who seemed a bit sleeker, more stream-lined, perhaps comparable to an Arabian, in terms of horse like bodies. Von, the swarthy, larger male, let his gaze flicker between the edge of the cliff the pair approached and his companion, careful not to stray ahead.

Moonlight-pale, the other male seemed smaller, perhaps older, and in a way, wiser. Baraty gave a stern look as his umber gaze met with Vons' impatient look. The cliff now at their feet the two looked down, a shimmering lake spotted below, as though calling to them the way a mourning wife calls for a husband now long gone,
they felt drawn to the water.

Tipping over the edge of the cliff the two made their way into the scarce woods, toes sinking into the slushed mud. Von gave a whining grunt of disapproval to the feeling of freezing mud between his toes, but quickly got over it as the woods thickened, allowing a more solid footing with less muddy feet. The thickening woods let a filtered light dapple the two, a serene quiet fell over the two, the forest seemed warmer than the mountain side, though the snow that lingered seemed to remain just as it had in the colder, higher altitude. The forest gave a musty scent off, the smell of loamy soil allowing the snowy waters to seep in and break down more nutritious plants. It also held another smell, something that though it was on the tip of the tongue, the two couldn't quite name.

Eventually the two came to the edge of the water, a strange ombre of mixed colors. Within the waters edge a deep purple velvet began, then gave way to a splashing mixture of Tuscon-blue, periwinkle, turquoise, and glints of myrtle as the sun shone upon the surface. In the distance the waters edge took on a deep cobalt and mullberry muddle, the depths of the water a mystery to the two until one or both dared to dive into the relatively clear water. The scent now an odd mixture of fresh water, musty forest, that odd smell from before, and now a fishy smell, a good indication that food could soon fill their bellies after what seemed like, at least to Von, an eternity of walking.

It seemed though, that the two were pussy-footing around entering the waters, unsure of the depth, but also unsure of the temperature. Both seemed aware that if the water were too cold they may freeze within it, or freeze upon exiting it, neither of these options seemed favorable by the two. They shared an unwavering look, as though telling each other "You go first." as though they were trying to be polite by letting the other enter the water and give it a test. A distance away a fish leapt out of the water, catch an insect that had landed on the surface, quickly returning to the water. The two seemed to take note of this, as their ears seemed to perk up, there were definitely fish in the waters and they seemed to be thriving.

A school of minnows scattered as Baraty stepped into the shallows, testing the temperature with his nose as he took a quick lap of the water. A small grin appeared on his maw as he shot a look back to Von then began treading deeper into the cerulean liquid. Von, quick to catch on took a tentative step into the water, then feeling the surprising warmth of it took off, moving quickly to a deeper portion of the lake. The two slowly made their way close to the middle of the lake, giving plenty of room downward for them to dive and find what they could within the waters.

Von was the first to shove his face into the water, his ears pinned back and his eyes squinting as he attempted to look around. The underwater landscape was something of a dream, unlike the cold grey rocks that lined the shore, the lake bed was cluttered with small and shimmering items. Some form of Sago grew from the depths and distorted the view of whatever shinies were down at the bottom, but not enough to discourage Von it seemed. The black male resurfaced, gave a good shake, then a deep breath in before diving into the water, this time using his large paws to pull himself deeper down to get a closer look.

Baraty watched as Von began his dive, gave a quick look around for any sign of danger, then followed suit. The pale male was a bit quicker in the water than the bigger, bulkier male, and easily made his way to the pond weed before Von, pawing away the weeds to get a view of what treasures may lay in the lake. Something of an off green caught his eye after a moment of searching, as it glinted in the faint underwater light. The two, running low on air surfaced and gave a few pants of the fresh air that now seemed to buzz with small insects as they'd wandered closer to the shore. Baraty mentions the green object and the two agree to attempt a retrieval, if only to settle the curiosity of what the object might be.

Both of them took off into the water again, quickly finding the green object and making their way to it. Once near the object the two began to dig it out of the bottom of the lake, making haste so as not to have to return to the surface before getting the object out and into their mouths to bring ashore. Von, with his large paws, made the effort seem easy as he pulled back the mounds of clay mud from the object, now seen to be some sort of glass bottle with something inside of it. Baraty was quick to grab the item and make his way to the surface, breathing heavily through his nose when he broke the calm tension of the water. Von came up shortly after, then nodded as though he'd found something and was trying to get Baratys attention again. Von had found a clam of some sort and seemed as though he wanted help to attain it, but Baraty seemed uninterested in the clammy feat and began to swim back to shore, leaving Von to fetch it on his own.

Von, determined to get the clam, took a deep breath in then plowed his way back into the water, searching for a bit in the place he'd seen the clam, but it seemed the clam had moved! He wrinkled his nose in a scowl as he looked, soon finding his clam friend again. Once the clam was in his sights once again he moved quickly, or at least as quickly as a large animal covered in fur could move, to capture the clam between his jaws, careful not to bite down too hard and hurt the creature before he could figure out how to open it up and take its' pearls, had it had any. With his catch Von seemed satisfied and joined Baraty on the shore, but quickly lost interest in his own findings as the two managed to open the bottle to see a rolled up paper with some sort of writings on it.

The paper seemed rather new, with crisp edges and rather stark white coloring, as though perhaps it hadn't been down in the water for more than a few weeks, maybe a few months. The two Tokotas seemed baffled by this oddity, looking between each other and the paper as though it would give them any answers. What did they look like? They're canines, they can't read!

The two eagerly pushed the paper back into the bottle, excited to find out what it meant from some human. Baraty kept it held tight in his maw, he didn't want to drop it!

Von went back to his clam, breaking it open just to get a mouthful of salty sweetness, but sadly no pearls. Didn't he know pearls were found in oysters not clams! He gave a huff then spit it out, moving to shake out his still wet fur, daringly close to Baraty. The lighter colored male let out a low growl as he was showered with the water from Von and soon retaliated by doing the same and trotting off, towards where they had came from, back to the mountains.

The packmates went off, into the hills, trekking through the same slushy mud as before, this time the sun cast long shadows across the trees, the air seemed more alive, as though everything were getting ready for something. The birds seemed to flutter around trees, close to the ground to watch the two large canines pass by before moving along to their nests. Insects filled the air as they moved from one area to another to get to whatever food they could before it became night. The two males moved faster than before, as though they had a real purpose now, something other than just saving energy to get something else done.

A background of settling sunlight, sifting through the dappled landscape and the sound of birds calling to their mates to come back to nest filled the senses as the sun began to make a slow roll down the sky to slumber in peace behind the snow blanketed mountains. The long shadows of the woods danced across the paths that seemed etched into them with ease by some being much larger and more powerful than they knew of.

A soft wind rustled the leaves, letting the blades of grass that still stood whisper sweet nothings between themselves. The lily and caramel male, and the odd static colored black male, stopped, letting their eyes feast upon the scene that lay behind them. A sapphire lake shimmering in front of the fiery sunset, the greens, browns, and once stark whites now bursting into a radiance that hadn’t been seen before. A lush wonderland within the hollow valley.

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