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DONT TOUCH THAT (BTT 1) by y0g3n DONT TOUCH THAT (BTT 1) by y0g3n
Tier 1.
Life's lessons begin from when we're young and do not know better. We are bound to mess up!
° Draw or write your Kuku being scolded by their parent. You can also portray the situation in where they ended up in trouble and their parent is saving/protecting them, was it a predator, poacher, storm or anything alike. Must be full body with at least 75% of the parent/starter visible, with colours, shading and at least simple background. For literature must have at least 1500 words. This tier MUST be created by you.

Grim, as the oldest of the group, is acting as a father to the two little girls. Tatti'Anna decided to get into some trouble just before her bed time, Ma'ja followed suit as she was just waking up, making sure nothing too bad happened. Tatti'Anna quickly found trouble with a porcupine who really just wanted to scurry off and be as far from this situation as possible, Ma'ja just yelled trying to get her to stop chasing the poor thing, at which point Grim heard the two and quickly took off to find out what in the world was going on.

Grim wailing in the background as Tatti attempts to eat a porcupine and Ma'ja screams.


Ma'ja-   Ma'ja 1694 by Kuku-ri
Grim-  Grim 551 by Kuku-ri
Tatti'Anna- (import approved but not yet uploaded, will edit it in later)

BTT tier 1 for: Ma'ja and Tatti'Anna.


FP for Grim 551

Base +2
Colored +3
Shaded +2
Background +2
Personal +2

Total: 11 FP
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February 18, 2017
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