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Animeartist62pt1 by y0g3n Animeartist62pt1 by y0g3n
My lit is trash and i'm sorry this took so long to finish x.x

The other activity (diving) will be posted asap w/ it's lit. and the rest of the HP payment will be uploaded then too (in sheet form)


A hushed calm fell over the world as a large male pulled through the snowy field, sticking close to the ground as he breath in the scents of caribou. Two other Tokotas followed shortly, looking between them as they crept through the snow to join the male with a glance of caution as they continued moving. Von gave a sharp breath in and froze as a caribou began to turn its head and walk towards the three Tokotas, thinking for a moment that his hunting plans may be cut short. After a moment of walking, the caribou quickly turned its head to look away from the large canines and to something moving within the woods a ways away. Perfect.

Rhaegar, the worst at blending in, strayed behind a bit, moving far slower than the other two as he worked his way around the herd, keeping a steady eye out for any of the older, younger, or weaker within the herd, something easy to take down. He gave a soft growl as something else moving among the trees caught his eye, likely the same creature that had caused the caribou to go stiff and about ready to bound away. A soft huff left his greying muzzle before he moved his fiery gaze back to the prey at hand, his breath steaming up into the cold air.

The mountain side held onto a suspenseful quiet, as though something dark lingered where it should not be. The snow muffled the sounds that would have clearly echoed the songs of birds and crunching of foot steps from a ways away. Somehow the quiet didn’t settle right, a churning feeling bubbled up in the stomach of the Tokotas as they moved to find a vantage

The rustling within the trees continued to become closer, steadily making for an eery feeling of being watched by something larger than oneself. The creatures within the woods worked their way to the edge of the tree line, sticking to the shadows, causing their likeness to be distorted and hard to place.

Elvis, the best at blending into the current snowy surrounds krept close to Von, keeping his blue gaze steady on the prey, ears twitching with some unease. He was used to hunting with others of similar coloring to himself, so the darker colored males around him gave off an unappealing disadvantage. Something moved within the tree line, but Elvis only allowed his gaze to flicker away from his goal for a moment, not really allowing himself to take in the full form of the creatures that concealed themselves.

Von crept forward a tad more, before stopping, the caribou seemed distracted enough by whatever it was moving around within the tree line, but not scared enough of it to dart off, so this seemed the perfect chance to go. He shot a quick look to Rhaegar, who nodded softly then stared at the chosen prey, a caribou who seemed to have hurt its hind leg and was standing a bit away from the others. An easy catch for the three.

The cream male glanced between the other two, then back to the caribou, carefully examining the looks on both the males faces before lowering closer to the ground, ears pricked and eyes focused intently on the weaker prey they’d decided on.

As the three canines moved into position to attack, it seemed that the creatures hidden within the tree line had decided on their strategy as well because two sets of gleaming eyes now rest upon another caribou, an older doe who straggled behind the rest and seemed blissfully unaware of even them. Elvis began to stalk forward, as the other two began to circle around giving a better chance to attack from all sides. They were careful with their movements, sure to move slowly enough not to draw too much attention from their victim or the other caribou that kept their eyes and ears open on the lookout for predators. Too bad for them Von, Elvis and Rhaegar were experienced enough to avoid the lookouts, but not with ease.

The reindeer gave a warning call and began to scatter, but not fast enough, as Von and Elvis pounced on their damaged prey, getting kicked a few times before being able to pull it down to the ground. Rhaegar rushed forward, to the downed animal and wrapped his maw around its mouth and nose, holding the head of the struggling caribou steady for one of the other two canines to give it a swift end. Von, having held down the shoulder quickly moved to give an ending bite to the reindeers throat, the warm rush of blood into his mouth a welcome feeling as it meant his stomach would soon be filled.

As the other two glanced between them a slight tension filled the air, none of them knew who got to go first, who was the first to nibble and who would be strewn aside to pick at the leftovers afterwards. For a moment Rhaegar seemed to be the beta, he was older and therefore, at least in the two tribe-mates minds, weaker. This was quickly disproved as he raised his head and gave a fearsome snarl to the other two, leaving them to look between themselves to decide if they all got to eat together, or if one would be ran off to let the other two eat their fill.

The pecking order seemed unnecessary after a bit of quibbling, Rhaegar was fast to tear into the reindeers flesh, looking to satisfy his own hunger. The other two quickly followed suit.


HP goes to Von 29414 [INJURED: 29/9/17] and Elvis 24504

3(fb colored shaded)
+4(934 WC)
+2(Elvis 24504 - tracker)
Total = 15 HP

Tagging NorthPaws and animeartist62 for use of their Tokotas
xLeilla Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
Rolling this for now but in the future prey must be listed ^^
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