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B-Day Gift 2017: DaveAlvarez (Yenny) by CottonCatTailToony
Voltaire and Bombers' Fun with Yenny by DarkTickleVamp
Gustav and Yorick's Fun with Yenny by DarkTickleVamp
Happy Birthday Yenny by DarkTickleVamp
Official Artwork
Yenny Shark Week 2015 by TigerrrSharrrk
Yenny Shark Week 2017 by TigerrrSharrrk
Yenny Shark Week 2016 by TigerrrSharrrk
Happy Birthday Yenny Lopez by DaveAlvarez
Fan Art
Foot Comparisons by DarkTickleVamp
Yenny Lopez feet by Murati2-0
Happy Birthday Yenny by DarkTickleVamp
B-Day Gift 2017: DaveAlvarez (Yenny) by CottonCatTailToony
Mature Fan Art
Voltaire and Bombers' Fun with Yenny by DarkTickleVamp
Gustav and Yorick's Fun with Yenny by DarkTickleVamp

Mature Content

Blanko Goth Hospitality - Part 3 by Sir-Bombers
Yenny's Revenge by DarkTickleVamp
Yenny- Kickstarter Animation by andrewk
Photo Manipulations
MANIP: Yenny by CheshireCaterling

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The Beauty in Villa Los Kubos by Sir-Bombers
:: Samy Yenny :: by samycat
Yenny the Movie. Teaser Poster by DaveAlvarez
Tt by Viiviiendo
Tt1 by Viiviiendo
Tt3 by Viiviiendo
The Real Yenny Project by DaveAlvarez
Statues, Toys, Etc
2014 Yenny Statue - 1 by Sir-Bombers
2014 Yenny Statue - 2 by Sir-Bombers
2014 Yenny Statue - 3 by Sir-Bombers
2014 Yenny Statue - 4 by Sir-Bombers
YENNY_04_08_07 SUNDAY STRIP by DaveAlvarez
Yenny Comic Strip by DaveAlvarez
Another Yenny comic strip by DaveAlvarez
More Yenny Comics by DaveAlvarez
Villa Los Kubos 2008 by DaveAlvarez
Villa Los Kubos explained by DaveAlvarez
What a great day finished by black-shaddow-walker
Lonesome Ghostsbusters by DaveAlvarez

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YOLY and FIENDS #1 Preview by MTJpub












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Today is August 6th, which means it's Yenny's birthday! Wish that lovely blue haired babe a good day! :icondavealvarez:
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Welcome to "Y-LO"... a deviant art group dedicated to the beautiful, big footed, blue haired Puerto Rican, Comic Character "Yenny Lopez" and everything related to the "Yenny" comic strip series.

This group is officially created with permission from Yenny creator himself, Dave Alvarez!


Brief Overview of Yenny

Beginning as "Anyelin" in "Zacha and Anyelin" back in 1988, Yenny is the main character in her self titled comic strip series drawn and written by Dave Alvarez. The series has been a very popular online comic around the world since 2003 and continues to be loved by new and old fans everyday.

Yenny is an 18 year old Puerto Rican girl who lives on the beach side town of "Villa Los Kubos". She has passionate dreams of becoming a famous runway fashion model and will do anything to become one. She has everything including a beautiful face, a stellar body, and a sexy personality. Despite all this, she is held back by her very large, size 18 (US) feet, hyper ticklishness and a dangerously innocent naivety to the world.

Yenny manages to earn a living by doing various odd jobs that can change daily and without warning. Some of them range from "Security Guard" or a "Babysitter", to a "Foot Model" or "Bank Secretary"... all while being able to attend modeling school and college! Along with Zacha, her crazy and abrasive pet Iguana, there is always a promise of hilarity around each corner of her life as she encounters many obscure characters, like frisky evil kids, nerdy mad scientists, rich bratty rivals, eccentric fashion designers, sadistic leather-wearing twin sisters, aliens, "Bigfoot", and even the "Flintstones"!

When reading a Yenny comic, there is never a dull moment!

Please feel free to chat and contribute anything Yenny related here... this is "Yenny" central!

All members are welcome...any pics that are Yenny related are acceptable as long as they are within deviantart's rules...


Any submissions that are not related to Yenny in some form or fashion will not be accepted...


Dave Alvarez' Deviant Art Page ...(Check out his other artwork as well!)


Yenny's Gocomics Page

Yenny's Patreon Page Click the picture below to visit!

"Yenny Cartoons" .... Yenny's Official Facebook group. You can currently find all of her daily comics there along with other fun pics and info!

Yennypedia page ... (Yenny's official wikia, currently under construction....go there to find in depth info on anything Yenny related...characters, places...anything! If you want to collaborate any additional info or make a page on something you don't already see there... feel free to do so!)

Yenny's Facebook Page ... ( Read her status messages and see pics that aren't available anywhere else!)

Yenny's Official Website ... (which holds other links and more info.)

Yenny's Animation Project Page at Black Maria Studios ... (This site showcases the ongoing plan to get Yenny in an animated series, including animation samples, storyboards, downloads and other extras.. All the project needs is proper network support and funding to get it up and running. 'Y-LO" was partially influenced by the need to spread more awareness to this project.)


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Tenchi8 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yenny is an interesting character that visually stands out in so many ways. 
She certainly has that sex appeal that really highlights every part of her down to 
her iconic big feet with the birth mark. Funny, sexy, cute, attractive, she has it all. 
And perhaps ideally the girlfriend many of us wish we could have or something as
close to her at least. ;) (Wink) Not that there's anything unappealing to all others or anything. 
Yenny just happened to be a particular type that we happen to prefer, and preference varies 
from person to person. If the fashion industry hasn't claimed these tall beauties all to themselves, 
the rest of us just might have a slim chance of finding that special someone. I think it's interesting in 
the Yenny story how she has had her share of mis adventures in not making it into the fashion industry 
because of the size of her feet. Should she succeed in being part of it, the industry could likely force her
to be socially exclusive to all of her lovable friends. But knowing her, she'd likely fight her way out of it
as she values her family and friends very much. she strikes me as the kind of person that won't let 
popularity get to her head. I gotta say, she's a well written character and in many ways a hero who 
champions the matter of the heart as opposed to popular exclusivity. That's something I've noticed
and I think Dave did a brilliant job in her design and concept. In one of her comics she's not above 
reaching out to her fans through texting, but enjoys connecting with her fans which is awesome. :) (Smile)
Fashion models should take note of this, but that's my humble opinion. Yenny is a people person and that's
the kind of gem that makes her shine the most. :) (Smile)  
Michael47 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016
I liked this comic, sorry it ended.
Nitwitsworld Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2016
I do wanna know why he wanted an animated series since day one? It seems cool. But rarely any show (even a webcomic) never became a TV show? lol Hopefully he'll go the Netflix route if he's lucky or not? 

I believe a GOOD webcomic to animated show will someday get off the ground soon? 

Rockinroben Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
Will the blanco goth twins be in the reboot
Sir-Bombers Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Okay I asked Dave, and he said the twins "MAY" be in the reboot. 

So definitely a possibility. :nod:
Sir-Bombers Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Tough to say... I'll ask Dave at some point to see.
Minorea Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh Yenny! I read this when I was a teenager and I really loved this back then! And I still do (: Yenny is so colorful, cheerful and I always smile when I read this. I love the colors of the comic. Glad I find this again ^-^
Nowdays I do cosplays also and I really want to do Yenny cosplay this summer (:
Tenchi8 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Yenny sure is a fun loving character. I haven't visited this group in awhile.
So much going on in real life and all. But the comics and images here makes me
want to visit Puerto Rico one day. I know the feeling too.
The comics makes me smile also. Gotta love that vibrant world. Never a dull moment. :)

Tenchi8 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh hey! This is cool! It's been a long while, since I was without internet. But I was browsing through my faves and remembered Yenny. She's such an attractive character. I can see why she's so popular. She has the looks, the appeal, she's funny, adventurous, cultural, colorful, and visually iconic, particularly, her big feet and birthmark. XD Overall, she pretty much have it all.

I love her character design. I see there's plenty of cool materials to check out here. I'll be adding this group to my watch for now. At the moment, I'm hard at work with my own creative projects, but I wish to visit here from time to time.
Sir-Bombers Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Sounds very good, my friend! I'm very glad that you enjoy the group and all lovely Yenny content within...

If you ever want to become a member, then feel free to hit that "join our group" button at anytime, and I'll add you!
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