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Clementine - TWD: TFS - XPS

By xZombieAlix
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Here we go guys! Finally! Starting off with the Basic clementine. No variations or anything. (Gonna do 1 big pack of that soon so please be patient with me haha. Im a busy college student now, compared to the last time we did this)
Who do you guys wanna see next?

Update 1 12.05.19 - Hopefully fixed the default pose and root ground bone problem.

Update 2 12.05.19 - Re-added Hair texture since i accidentally deleted it.

Update 3 Added Normal Maps


Extracted and Ported by me.

Extraction tools by RandomTBush from XENTAX : forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php…
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Hey, i imported it and everything's working alright but the mesh for the hair is a mess. its clipping into itself really badly. Any fixes?

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Awsome model, If youre having trouble importing into blender try using this addon https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zfnjo9chtg... This worked for me.

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Well, hey there! I'm a game developer using Unreal Engine 4. First of all thank you very much for the 3D model. But the problem is that I'm actually not an expert in 3D models.

I just want a tutorial with instructions on how to import all of those files in Unreal Engine 4. Thanks everybody!

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Sorry to bother, but is there a way to remove her hat? :o

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What program do you open the files in?
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I love the model. Thanks! ^^

Quiet location by KikyouChaan
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Unfortunately, he writes that the file is corrupt. :(
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Excellent models as always, quick question, is there anyway to get the variants, ie scar placements, missing fingers, Violet badges as extras?

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Got someone to port Clementine into FO4 using your model. Many thanks! :) (Smile) 
  Done Running by Morgan1501  
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Oh, okay... why?
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i don't know if you take request but could you do hatless clem or/and clem with the bandage?
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hey says I'm missing the .mesh and clementine does not have it ... what do I do?

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Hey, how can I download this model in 3DSMAX? I'm new and I can't do something

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Since it's for XPS, easiest way is either to use XnaLara then export to OBJ or use XPS tools in Blender and export it to FBX etc

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Possible to get this model into Vrchat?
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I think someone has already tried that. but yes, you can add this into VR Chat.
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Is there any way I can download the 3d model then import it into Blender? I don't have 3dsmax!
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you'll need XNALARA to export as an OBJ scene to use it in other 3D programs
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Thank you very much for everything!!!!
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How do I get XNALARA ???
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Hi, can you help me? How to add DDS format to 3DSMAX?

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Sorry for the dumb question but, how do i like open this in 3ds max, im new to all this stuff
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