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A bird in a cage and a cage in a bird

Someone on Reddit asked for a cage in a bird instead of a bird in a cage... I thought the idea was cool!
I had a picture in my mind immediately.. Found a picture of a birdcage on Unsplash and I extracted a birdcage with the pen tool (man that was a PITA).
Then a raven (unsplash) because, well I wanted something dark.. And then there were these wings.. Who would've thought.. a bird has 2 wings and that was gonna show so I had to come up with the left wing somehow..
Well I think I did okay.. It's not perfect and in no way my best work but I think the idea is cool enough to put it on my DeviantArt page. It was tough. I'm glad it's done. I just didn't want to work to be in vain so that's why I (although somewhat rough) finished it.
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I like it! Daisy claps I guess it really is a bird cage...hehe :D Hmmm, he looks a little malnourished in there...:surrender

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A little malnourished... You really know how express some nuance.