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SD Gundam OC Timework

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For now, I'm going to post my new SD Gundam Force OC in my discord server or

I'm still alive, but I mainly use deviantart to post my final illustrations or collection of my "shitposts" in scraps.  I'm accepting/open for commission, just send me a note or on dm on my discord.

Discord public link to my server is closed, but I can still give out invite myself.
Timework is a SD Gundam or Celestial Being who can manipluate time, travel time or sees bunch of timeline or the future.  (Sorry to trigger Mr. Daishogun.)

In the main story, he helps out fix the timeline with Dai-shogun and Blossom. Sometime he assist the SD Gundam Force on certain missions.  

Timework cannot fix all the timeline or see all the outcome of the future himself.

Thank you friends, for spamming "time" jokes and puns in my server!

Discord id Nixin#9307
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If the boy can reverse time can he go back to before my heart was stolen by him?