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get close

By xzazu2002
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A long awaited commission for dear Yamuku! o.o
I'm deeply sorry you had to wait so long for your commission, I really tried my best!
It just didn't feel right and I left your Itsuki for couple days and then
I came back... updated a bit -aaand I so hope it was worth the wait and that you'll like it Yam! c:

Thank you so much for commissioning me! <3
Itsuki © Yamuku 
arto mee
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Nah, I've been so busy this week I totally didnt even notice how much time passed. Not that I care any, you can take however you want dear<3

Anyway,I absolutely love this (and so do all my friends that I keep showing this to lol)! I really love the colors you've gone with and the way you shaded his eye keeps drawing me back in. I really really love it and I cant wait til you have commissions open again! Feel free to come to me whenever because I'll buy your art up<33
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Oiii Yamuku you're really to sweet! I'm so glad you like it! ;u; <333
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I envy your style....u.u
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Oii Wolfie ;; <3
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Oooo,so in the end you piked a nice yellow colour! Its looks great! : D
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I did! Thank you Dami, I'm glad to hear that! ♥ I gotta be honest with you, I got really stuck with this picture afterwards. It still looks wierd to me o.o
but its good that i stopped myself, as i think it'd be possible to destroy it even more >u<
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Super pretty, Zazu!<3
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oii thanks a lot Kaasu! ;w; <3
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You're most welcome!<33 :D
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I love the colors, beautiful work as always!
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aww Bastumis,, thank you! ;u; ♥
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