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Roman Faces IV: Sulla by Xzaren, visual art

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Finally, I could buy a new scanner. I'm really happy! Now I just need some time for drawing ... didn't draw anything meanwhile because I couldn't scan it ...
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My scanner

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... doesn't work any more. Until I've bought a new one, there won't be any more pictures. Sorry!
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.. I found so many old pictures. Put most of them to the sketches. If you're interested in them, just take a look. I hope soon I'll be able to do some new artwork. But most time other things are more important ...
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Deine Portraits sind immer noch grossartig lebensnah! Es ist so erfrischend, ausdrucksstarke Gesichter im Fantasybereich zu sehen; ob Xzar oder Polberra. Dass Du hier noch aktiv bist, macht es irgendwie umso trauriger, dass die Galotta-Romanreihe nie vollendet werden wird... Ein wirklich grossartiges Leseerlebnis! Und was ist eigentlich aus Deiner Webcomic-Parodie geworden (im Stile von OOTS; erinnere mich leider an den Namen nicht mehr)? Der bin ich auf Deiner alten Seite immer gern gefolgt. Lad die doch auch hier auf DA hoch! ^_^
Hallo Isewein, vielen Dank für deinen netten Kommentar. Der hat mich wirklich riesig gefreut! :D Ich schreibe dir den Rest betreffend eine Nachricht, ok? :)
Liebe Grüße, Kathrin
Geez, hadn't realized I forgot to Fave you some time ago--all those great faces I've missed! Luckily, it's not too late to see 'em now, innit.

Your other art is great too, but in my opinion those very human and individual faces are your absolute BEST!

My favorite may still be your Lovely Heroine; about a year ago I was trying to convey the personality of a shrewd and pragmatic river captain to my fantasy gamers, and realize all I had to do was show them your picture. Worked perfectly, but I really shoulda asked you first.

I was just thinking about that this morning because they're going to go talk to the captain again in tonight's game, so I wanted to do two things first: look at all your great art again, and ask (as I should have in the first place, if I'd had time to think about it) if it's okay to use your Heroine pic for the purpose. Entirely privately around a table of adult gamers, that is; nothing public/published/posted.

In case you're curious, this was my summary of the character when our heroes were investigating the captains and riverboat pilots of Spar over a case of smuggling-to-orcs-and-bandits:

"Brandywine of Spar is Captain of the Steady, Shadowmere's primary liquor freighter, carrrying everything from barrels of ale to the finest apple brandy. She normally employs only her extended family as crew and stevedores, but occasionally hires local help for particular tasks.

"She is shrewd and cynical, but patient with anyone who is no threat to her family or her business. Her reputation as a merchant is impeccable, though it's rumored she may be behind a few competitors' misfortunes.

"She's had six children by different lovers, but says at 52 that she's glad to be done with carrying body cargo. She now has at least ten grandchildren between the ages of one and twenty-three, but outsiders have trouble telling them apart from various nieces, nephews, and kin-by-marriage."

So, please let me know if I should stop using your pic immediately.

Both enthusiastic and apologetic,


Hello Nonie, I just saw your message. Thank you for so many nice words! I am glad to hear that you like my pictures! :D
It's okay to use them in any private context, so just keep using the Heroine!

Your Heroine Brandywine sounds really "lovely", too. ;) Nice to hear of her.

Have a good evening.
THANK YOU for letting me use her picture!

Thank you kindly for faving the Baldur's Gate Valentine's card :)
Danke für den Favo!