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This Kronos is a group of 12 people that I decided to do recently. Actually it start of as something random and I think it still is :P

It first started off as a single piece of drawing that I made randomly; called Spice and Jazz (No. 7 & 8) on 22 Feb 2007.
Actually it was pretty random; as I was drawing Spice I was trying to add some sort of design to the shirt and it came out as a 7 and it just struck me that why not I make her No. 7 and the other girl No. 8, and that I did. :D

After that, I thought "Why not I create a whole bunch of them?", and decided that a total of 12 people would be nice. And so I made Jack and Jill (No. 5 & 6) on the 25 Feb 2007. It was also the same time that I decided to name this group as Kronos.

I will keep this journal updated as I continue to add in the rest of the characters.

The picture on Kronos - No. 1 and Kronos - No. 2, 3 & 4 were uploaded on 10 Mar 2007, though they were only linearts but at least the whole team have been completed. The colouring will take some time to complete so just bear with the black and white :)

17 Mar 2007 - Ok, I have finally coloured the picture Kronos - No. 2, 3 & 4. The only one left is Kronos - No. 1.

18 Mar 2007 - Finally everything is done; the last picture of Kronos - No. 1 (Kysar) have been coloured.

I have enjoyed myself doing these group of characters, each of them have their uniqueness. I like the picture on Jazz & Spice (No. 7 & 8) a lot; both of them look so good together.
Come to think of it, Jack & Jill (No. 5 & 6) is the only picture that have weapons with them :P Guess this makes them special. Haha!

Ok I will be ending here, hope I will have time and inspiration to do something new again. :)

Kronos - The Keeper of Time
Kysar (No. 1):…
Karlos, Vince & Sophia (No. 2, 3, 4 ):…
Jack and Jill (No . 5 & 6):…
Spice and Jazz (No. 7 & 8):…
Lyne, Wolf, Kliffer & Apple (No. 9, 10 , 11, 12):…