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Lebis v1.1

By Xyrax
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Presenting Lebis v1.1

Worked long on this update (for some people too long), so to make things faster :
- 3 colours (chocolate, black ,blue).
- 2 Styles (flat and gloss).
- Lots of updates , fixes and improvements. (that was quick XD)

Also I must thank a lot to Gelosea :icongelosea: for all the help he gave me, all the advices, all the checking and testing, and for all troubles I gave Him. Thanks, a lot, keep up good work on your theme (all the people who know Emico probably know what I mean) and have good luck.

If you like this theme please :+fav: . And for all one last word. Yep this theme looks like that. That window is just made from things from this theme.

Have a fun time using it. And again Gelosea :icongelosea: THANK YOU.

Added skins for shutoff.
Grab shutoff and fade bar from :
Vista port :

Mods only for personal use. Creative commons used.
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Stunningly amaizing work Xyrax!!! Thanks for share. ;)

(Well deserved dude, well deserved)
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Amazing work!
So sad you dont work with win 7 =(
Xyrax's avatar
Sry, don't have time now to play with styles. Also software on W7 for making styles is way more complicated from my point of view.
i hope to see this designed for win 7 very soon.
thanx dude.
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Thanks, but now I think I could do it muuuch better.
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Just a question... How do you assign a shellstyle to the glossy version of the skin? When I name the folder Shell>Gloss, The skin does not recognize it.
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Name it BlackGL (for all versions). So it would be Shell>BlackGL
hey dude, do you happen to know if there's a matching skin for winamp?
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I don't have slightest idea
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How can i get icon shown in image ?
Xyrax's avatar
used tango patcher from :iconvertigosity: [link]
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Would you mind if I ported this theme to Vista?
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Port it if you want. Just add link to this theme.
Satukoro's avatar
Of course =D Thanks for permission.
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Lebis looks great... but imho two things make it look less professional and sleek:
- the "stretched orb" startbutton
- orange-ish highlights on buttons and tabs
- also do something to make text on button more evident (adjust contrast, make something lighter and something else darker...)
For the rest is one of the best black-and-compact vs, together with Krystal XP, Watercolor Emico: Black, eno vs and few others...

cheers and keep up with the good work!
Xyrax's avatar
Heh, in basics you mean that you don't like some parts because it's your taste. That's ok, I don't blame you, but those parts were met to look like that.
ficod's avatar
Yep yep, you're right!
It's just my opinion.
As I said your VS is fine IMHO and, above all, those stretched balls, IMHO don't fit the general sleekness, elegance and sobriety.
But I know it's your VS, so it should first fit for your eyes.
Xyrax's avatar
Thanks for understanding, not many even had what it takes to understand other opinion.
ficod's avatar
It's a pleasure to discuss, and -try- to understand others opinion.
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