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July 23, 2009
Baltimore VS by ~Xyrax Time to give your XP a makeover with this quality VS that fediafedia thinks deserves a DD. I totally agree ;-)
Featured by mrrste
Suggested by fediaFedia
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Baltimore VS

Presenting new Windows XP visual style : Baltimore

No shellstyle included people, and not n plans for now.

Mods for personal use.

Best look achieved if you have installed Calibri font and have a clear type font rendering ;]

This VS requires patched uxtheme.dll > if you want help.

:+fav: if you like/download/want to give free fav ;]

Mod only for personal use, no redistributing or posting it (only link to this page).


28.07.2009 :

Added font choices. Look in "Font size" dropdown menu. Choices are : Calibri, Tahoma and Segoe UI.

23.07.2009 :

A DD :D, first in my time here on DA, I must give my appreciation to :iconfediafedia: for suggesting it, and to :iconmrrste: for featuring it, so THANKS a lot. I must give my thanks also to :icongelosea: for helping me, giving advices, and for sacrificing all the time to talk with me, so for everybody THANKS again :handshake:


Purple tabs - fix: Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> uncheck Enable visual styles on buttons and controls in webpages (Thanks to "tsupersonic" from Neowin)

Anyone who knows author of wall on this preview give me a note, it would be appreciated.
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Xyrax's avatar
eeeeeeee - I don't understand but thanks, I ques
specialized666's avatar
The best visual style ever created for windows xp, both versions looks great ;)
ThauruS's avatar
That the most that i love, cuz the start menu hasn't white areas. (i hate them) You rocks dude!!!

:+fav: it very very well deserved!
Xejogear's avatar
Amazing work!
Xyrax's avatar
RibhuStiffler's avatar
awesome style walpaper plz
Xyrax's avatar
ask for it, I sended it to him recently. Don.t know real link to it. Looked for it though.
Voynich-Manuscript's avatar
A port to Windows 7 would be great!
Xyrax's avatar
I cant port because I dont have tools to do it.
Voynich-Manuscript's avatar
Too bad, I would try to but neither I have the time nor I have the skills to make a "working" port. It will be alpha forever
MARUSSY's avatar
hello ))I want too this beautiful wall!!!)))
Xyrax's avatar
I cant find this wall anymore anywhere. Seems i have only copy on my harddrive.
MARUSSY's avatar
do you can send mail pls?))
MARUSSY's avatar
A-r-v-e-s-h's avatar
nicely done Xyrax !
Xyrax's avatar
prateekkumar's avatar
Excellent Work. Featured -->[link]
thanks bro....
Xyrax's avatar
MaRoC68's avatar
really balanced and well done, but I'd like to see a version with its shellstyle.dll, it would be great! :clap:
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