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Unison 3360x1050

Hello there Dual Widescreeners!

Have fun with this one.

Single screeners, I'm so sorry, I'll update later with another version, meanwhile you can center it :)


Unlike me, the non-lazy =S-a-t-i-n-e cropped a 1920x1200 version, equip yourself: [link]
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Realy Great! :)
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very nice work:D
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any chance you could release a resolution for single screen? (1680x1050)
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read comments
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:clap: This is supremely wicked! :star::star::star::star::+fav:
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as your avatar is ;D
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right on! thanks!
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When doing dualscreens, one should always chop it in half (two separate halves) for us mac users!
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Great dualscreen wallpaper!

:star: Featured on iconpaper
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what about the ppl with 3 screens >_< lol
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you're a three screener?
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yea, and unfortunately i have an odd layout also;
1024x1280 > 1920x1080 > 1024x1280 (2 in portrait layout)
very annoying making bg for my setup >_<
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Awesome work, I'm using it right now.
So shiny and big :thumbsup:
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it makes me happy :)
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Honestly, One of the best Dual Wallpapers here on DA. Proper well done job.
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oh mate! that's great!! :O i wish i could have dualscreen :P
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Colorful i like this one , nice concept for dual screen wallpaper .
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