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Black and White set 5

By xylomon
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black and white set 5

included are 45 icons in 256x256 png format
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Is there League of Legends, Osu, Raidcall or Open Broadcaster Icons?
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no , just some general games folders 
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thank you bro . ı need Counter Strike icon  have you ?  
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a counter strike icon should be among the other sets , check out 1-4 
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how to download
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the download button is on the right side of the page
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If you have time could you make a Deluge icon?
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sure , just write me a note with your email address and i will send it to you as soon as i get to it

until then
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Possibly a Songbird one? Again if you have time ;]
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Great work to!
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Hey, can you make Minecraft, Portal 2, Twitter, Tumblr. And Facebook icons?
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facebook should be included already , i will add another set as soon as i have some time to work on it
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These are epic! I finally have a complete, good-looking desktop! Do you take any requests? Because if you do, I would really like Minecraft, Diablo III, Fraps, DXTory, and icons like this! Keep up the great work
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thank you very much ! i will continue working on another set if i get some spare time
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Rly great items!!!! do you think about making a set for games? like cs, wow, lol etc.?

would be nice, like your work much!!!! keep on goin!
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könntest du vielleicht ein Icon für Adobe Audition machen? Sollte für dich ja kein Problem sein... Schätze mal, dass solche Buchstaben einfacher sind, als z.B. so ein 3D-Steam-Icon...
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WOW... youve finished with my request.... it's really awesome...thanks alot..., i can make my rocketdock with a great theme..
but actually i'm losing another one,can you make an black-white icon for Maya??....
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Nice work, could you also make magicdisc, firefox and cpu id? If you do and message me youll get a 3 month premium on me. ^^
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thank you !

sure i can , until then
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Bro, can you make me icons for NBA21kk, Left4Dead2, AngryBirds, Cars 2, Brink, Crossfire, Camtasia 7, Chikka, Tune up Utilities and windows 7 manager? pls? i really love your icons, best ive ever seen here.. write me back if you do... thanks and more power Bro!
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i am currently working on two other sets but i will keep it in mind and incorporate them in my next set , but i can not give you an exact time for when that will be ,

camtasia and tune up should already be included in one of the other sets
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