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The Friendship Continues

Featuring Persphone: and Elowyn:

So their friendship started off here: and I figured I really liked how it started off, so thought I'd continue it a little, Persphone was a struggle but I loved working with her ^.^ I've been working on this since the first part of their friendship was uploaded.

Basically how Persphone and Elowyn met was in Pers' field, Elowyn was struggling to deal with the stress of not having her stick pile with her, and the lovely Persphone found her one, which clearly made her one very happy mare ^.^

In this I kinda tried getting Elowyn to be sort of, repaying Persphone, by sharing her sticks with her, which for El, is rare, those sticks are like her babies. 

Anyway, Persphone belongs to Drasayer, I hope you don't mind me making this, I kinda enjoyed it ^.^ I hope you like it.
Elowyn belongs to me.

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OMG! <3 <3 <3 How unexpected and awesome!!~ They do make a great pair xD They're so pretty :'D Thank you so much for including her! Making friends is hard for her - this would mean a lot for her lol :D