True Beings

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By xyldrae
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Better beings will come along
And all their assets shall favor the abandoned lover dearly

But this human's soul is only fulfilled in both
Flaws and geniuses that come together in a single mold (
Not one without the flaws;
Not one without the geniuses;
)To allow give and take
Not only in surfaces worldly...

Humans were never trophies nor ornaments
When God created them
And they did not come to the world as benefactors to each other
But as warriors armed and armored with Light.
So this human's soul shall only be sustained whole, consummated
By means of pairing, divine, for unearthly battle.

And better beings came and come along,
Some even staying or over-staying...
Acting like demi-gods, offering heavens that don't exist
And offering the world, not knowing how gross it is...
Simultaneously begging the forlorn heavenly child
To yield what is neither owned or theirs to take...
And Truth had never ever favored any turn
More vicious circles formulate in necessary unbeing
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