Make Me A Saint

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By xyldrae
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Make me a saint.
Hush the flames devouring my system
And slay the frozen truth of its endlessness.
Mimic Hell
And force it inside this ghost shell...

...And you'll be sending me to Heaven.
This is an old poem of mine...
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I must admit i had trouble connecting the words and the them to make sense. I read it probably 4 times before I came to my conclusions, as to not give a bias comment. It's a complex piece because it's not linear. Which makes it great for thought. I do have to ask, the "ghost shell" were you referring to the body?

Either way, I like it. It stimulated me and made me think
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Yep :) Exactly the body. Thank you so much for your reactions and insights. Aside from being greatly appreciated, I also learn and have my mind simulated by them. :love:
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I have to admit, I'm quite fond of this poem.
That is to say, I like it alot.
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Made that a few years back before I joined DA. Thanks.