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MY 5yr OLD NEPHEWs 1st digiart



My 5 year old nephew saw my art works.
First he asked how I turned the lady into a mermaid in Grand Siren ( [link] ) Then I said, I just put 2 pictures together and fixed them and painted on them. He said "Can you teach me?" I said some other time i would. (By the way, his favorites from my gallery are Lenneth [link] and One-winged Vampire [link])

But when he saw the output of my first attempt to paint digitally (which turned out to be doodlish, he said "How did you do that? Can you teach me?" I thought to myself, 'why not!'. Then I showed him how to use the round selection tool, paint bucket, gradient and brushes and how to cut selections. Then he just completely designed this wonderful character!!!! All I did was watch him (mind you, he had many tries with the selection) and he knows how to undo stuff already!

While he was doing it, he was saying stuff including "no... this should be here" "i want it to be bigger" "the antena of an alien should be the same color as it is" "what did you press a while ago to cut?" "i want it to be happy" etc!

I am just so amazed!!!!!!!!!

When dad was calling him already (coz here it's past his bedtime) I told him, "is there anything else you want to add?"

Then he said "Yes, my name." So I readied the text tool for him and he just typed his name as though he's not typing it for the first time! He had a hard time looking for the letter "G" though!

He's just so amazing!!! I'm so proud of him!
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Awww! That's pretty good for a five year old. Very cute :3 Kids are so amazing.