Lovely Death Is His Name

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His melancholic spontaneity won't release me.
There's more of gloom coming,
I am overwhelmed but this smile hurts my face.
Now he sings like a leprechaun
Brewing MADNESS in his pot of false hope.
Oh why am I here

             peeping and weeping

                        grieving for his real name

While he dances in a humid hell of deceits
It is his home.....


He sings it like a DIRGE -

                  "LOVELY DEATH"

                                    ...is his name!
For my babes: Sherylene DelaCruz
And for a guy that maddens her, I would like to associate with Rumplestilskin.
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MalandanteHobbyist Writer
Different, I saw the whole Rumplestilskin likeness. Very nice. Loves it. :glomp:
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xyldraeHobbyist Digital Artist
(**,) Thank you! The Rumplestilskin part was was the experiment part. I wanted to bring out something very unpleasant out of a character from a child's tale. Plus I'm venturing on the "tales" thing.You're so good at that. Hopefully next time I could write poetic tales just like you or edgar allan poe :love:
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MalandanteHobbyist Writer
I like it. You did a really good job of it. And thank you so much. That means so much that you think so of my work. And I am sure with a bit more work you will do magnificently. :glomp:
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xyldraeHobbyist Digital Artist
I'll try the tale telling poetry soon. :love: thank you :D
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MalandanteHobbyist Writer
Your very welcome :glomp: