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Welcome to the Xyknenins Group!

Hello! And welcome to the Xyknenins group!

Before you get started lets go through the rules and what a Xyknenin is!

What's a Xyknenin?

Xyknenins are an original species created by bvneguts, they are large canine-like creatures that have long forearms and short back legs, large five claws on their forearms that act like hands to grasp objects and slash away at prey. They're primarily omnivores but some change their diets permanently to herbivorous or carnivorous. They have large ears and really thick fur, and a bone-like mask for a face. While having scaly tails and feet, they are actually mammals.

Can I make one?

Yes and No. You have to be a friend of mine to make one for free, otherwise you have to buy a gacha of one or adopt one.

How much do the adopts cost?

It depends.
Common: 100:points:
Uncommon: 150:points:
Rare: 200:points:
Legendary: 500:points:

What are some common features?

Some common traits for Xyknenins are short three spikes above their eyes, scaly tails, and spikes along one side of their tailtips. Common Colors for Males are Light Grey, White, and any pastel colors with the acception of light or dark markings. Common Colors for Females are Black, Dark Grey, and any dark colors with light markings.

What are some uncommon features?

Some uncommon traits are extended snouts, Bat-like Ears, back spikes, and dew claws. Uncommon Colors for Males are unknown as well as Females.

What are some rare features?

Rare features are larger spikes above the eyes as well as larger tailtip spikes, and larger fangs almost like a saber-tooth cat sorta. Rare Colors for Males are unknown as well as Females.

What are some legendary features?

Feathered Tails, a mix of fur and feathers on the body, longer tongues, longer teeth and fangs, larger body build, and longer claws and a longer snout. Legendary Colors for Males are unknown as well as Females.

Have anymore questions?

Never fear! You can note the group and the Founder will get to it as soon as she can!~:music:






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