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[Gift] Charm of an Angel by xXYukiNoUsagiXx [Gift] Charm of an Angel by xXYukiNoUsagiXx
Uwaaahhhh this took sooooo long. I don't know if you know or not but I've been kinda lacking motivation and time to draw lately.... Bunny Molang Emoji-75 (Hopeless) [V4]
Surprise ME Custom - SilverAngel907 by Piffi-adoptables
BUT! I randomly came by this character and fell in love instantly.Bunny Girl Emoji-52 (Hnnnngggg) [V3] I had to draw her  Bunny Girl Emoji-48 (Excited) [V3] 
Surprise surprise for me though was when I was sketching this beauty down that this was one of SilverAngel907's characters ...bunneh icon16
ahahaha well looks like I gift upon you another picture haha (I honestly found it amusing)

anywhos~ I hope you like itBunny Emoji-70 (Please to meet you) [V4] 

Character Owner: SilverAngel907
Blindlace(closed species) Design Artist: Piffi-adoptables
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Piffi-sisters Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
WAAH OMG O///7///O!! I can't believe it this is marvellous ;__; I'm so happy she inspire you \T///T/ I love how you did the wings O_O!! :heart:
I've seen Silverangel comment and I'm super happy she appreciate T///T!!
She seems so delicate omg T//T <3 <3
SilverAngel907 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Ahhhh thank you so much for this amazing gift! you drew her so so well and seeing her really made my day! I'm truly honored  Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
xXYukiNoUsagiXx Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5]  thank you~ I'm super glad you like it Bunny Girl Emoji-53 (Notice me please) [V3]
was a little worried about the wings because they deviate from the original a bit
SilverAngel907 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Ahaha I think the way you drew the wings really fit the art overall so there are no complaint here Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
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February 21, 2017
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