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A very delayed animation work

Long time I ask for permission to animate this work from lostonezero and here is finally finished (I hope you like it ;D).

Time to take back the animations and also to finish one of those works that were delayed for some time I hope that you enjoy it ;D nothing too fancy more something to practice more with the still image animation.


Interested in a whole commission you can take a look in here:…


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hold up what how did you do this? like pics art?

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it's a combination of paint tool sai, blender and gimp

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This is some SERIOUSLY stellar animation work! I'm surprised I haven't seen this before! It looks so smooth and the subtle movements in her body and the facial expression are incredible!

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oh thx Really Makes You Think in 360 I think that one can be better now that I know a bit more of what I'm doing

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If you can do an even better job, well then I'm VERY curious what you can do next!

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I should be posting things later

There is beauty in its simplicity
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I've been discovering that simple is ok for an animation

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Now to prep the sarcophagus...
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one to store a hogtied one for sure Really Makes You Think in 360

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Funny animation! Well done! ;)
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Wow! Looks amazing!
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your art is really awesome hopefully in the future I can commission you.
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