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WS: Hanamura Yorie by XxYorunoHimexX WS: Hanamura Yorie by XxYorunoHimexX
Full Name: Hanamura, Yorie (花村, 依栄)
Birth date: (1827. April 1555.
Way of Life: Monomi of Shikoku
Religion: Atheist
Allegiances: None atm
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan Motto: None

Mannerisms: almost always smiles, hyper, talks to animals, ‘has imaginary friends’, finds speaking formally difficult, she tends to call people by nicknames she comes up with as she most of the times forgets people's names.
Likes: running, animals (she likes them more than people probably), telling and hearing jokes, comfortable clothes
Dislikes: dressing fancy, beauty regimes, makeup – better to say girly stuff in general
Ambition: to live freely with bunch of pets with no one bothering her

Personality: Yorie is very bubbly and warm person. She tends to be pretty annoying sometimes as she’s very hyper and can’t stay in one place longer than five seconds. She tries to find something positive in whatever situation. Yorie has very exaggerated expressions that describe her mood – even though she’s generally happy all the time. On the first look she would seem very childish and immature – but if the situation is serious she is capable of being serious as well – tho unfortunately it might not happen all the time. Yorie is also very stubborn. She also finds it hard to trust people completely – she will be friendly with someone but does she trust that person is something else. He has it easier to spend time with guys other than girls as she thinks she doesn't fit into the company of females almost at all. Sometimes she even finds spending time with them boring and irritating so it's easier for her to be herself when around men. Regardless, she likes company of animals more than any human on the planet Earth, to the point she'd risk her life to get close to a wild animal - as dumb as she is. She is a very talkative person as much as she's active. She has hard time shutting her mouth up even tho she mostly doesn't talk about any serious topic or any personal information that could get her in trouble. Mostly she would talk about absolutely random things or would go with her usual clowning in case she has to cheer someone up. She seems extremely dumb, but she's actually smart for things that interest her! Yorie most likely has no idea what personal space is so if she's too happy she might invade it without knowing.

 For as long as she remembers, she spent her childhood in the orphanage. Yorie never knew anything about her biological parents. In fact she didn't care much about it, all she wanted was to have her freedom. She didn’t like the life in the orphanage at all. Forced to fit into society norms, being like the rest of the girls, always having to think about her words... so she ran off. Considering she was still nothing but a hopeless child she eventually found herself lost and hungry as she ran out of the food she stole before going on her little journey. Luckily for her, she has been found by an old man.

He was an artist (possibly writer?). He was a single father to a son who was a warrior but died young. But even tho he was a sad and generally grumpy man he took her in regardless, and took care of her, taught her how ride a horse, to fish and hunt (something that he would do with his son who wasn't interested in art) – even though she never was found of killing animals but actually wished to ‘befriend’ them instead. It was little to say that the man had his hands full with this hyper girl. She couldn't stand in the same place for a minute, always wondering around and looking for an adventure therefore she earned herself a nickname (from the old man that took care of her) 'Saru' which means monkey. However she liked the nickname a lot and didn't take it as an offence as it was supposed to be. Poor old man tried his best to teach her some manners and make a proper young lady out of her but as stubborn as she was she ended up being more of a boy then a girl. As she was growing would spend lots of time in the woods, learning about animals and nature, or playing with local kids – boys to be precise. Usually for boys, they would be playing all kinds of war or battle types of games and Yorie liked those a lot. Growing up in such environment, with all the stories about the old man's son and most young boys she played wanting to become soldiers, she got interested in the idea of becoming a warrior more and more but never liked rules all that much. Regardless she decided to leave thanking to the old man for everything he has done for her, off to see if she’s capable of becoming what she desired to become. Yorie is a person who likes challenge, and she loves pushing her own boundaries. The idea of being independent and strong and her constant craving for adventure drove her to leaving the peaceful life she lead before and try something completely different. As a hopeless optimist, she believed that she's capable of becoming whatever she wanted to be. And even with all the warnings she didn't back out. However she didn't search for anyone to serve at first - as she wanted to see how much she's capable of doing on her own and for herself before she offers her service to anyone else.

     − Weapon 1: Daikyū (A long, asymmetrical bow that fires arrows over more expansive distances. 190cm )
     − Weapon 2: Okinawan Kusarigama (Two small sickles linked with one chain. 180cm)
     − Helmet: None. 
     − Armour: None. 
     − Banner: None. 
     − Saddle: None. 
     − Trinket 1: None. 
     − Trinket 2: Not unlocked yet.
     − Trinket 3: Not unlocked yet.
     − Trinket 4: Not unlocked yet.

Personal Parameters:
     − Condition: 500 / 500
     − Limitation: 500 / 500
     − Morale: 500 / 500

Battlefield Talents: 
     − Martial Arts: 5/ 10
     − Archery Arts: / 10
     − Cavalry Arts: / 10
     − Self Defense: / 10
     − Proficiency: 7/ 10
     − Presence: 4 / 10

Personal Skills: 
     − Leadership: 2 / 10
     − Strategy: 5 / 10
     − Charisma: 3 / 10
     − Intrigue: 6 / 10
     − Tradition: 2 / 10
     − Occultism: 6 / 10

Alternate Artworks and Designs:

Significant Quotes and Sayings:

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ShadowHachia Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Student General Artist
Tories seems so sweet omfg ; A ;
XxYorunoHimexX Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you qwq
Rushlan Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
what a cutie
XxYorunoHimexX Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you qwq
cyube Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018
Yorie sounds like such an interesting character! She's so cute ~
XxYorunoHimexX Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so qwq
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