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Hidden Lantern Village - Hitoyo Akebono by XxYorunoHimexX Hidden Lantern Village - Hitoyo Akebono by XxYorunoHimexX

Character Information: The Basics and Medical Information:
Ninja Registration Number:  #182850
Full Name: Hitoyo Akebono ( - dawn)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 18, born on July 28th
Height in CM: 166 cm
Weight in KG: 45 kg
Blood type: O

Personality Information: Likes, Dislikes, Habits and Traits:
Hobbies: running, hunting, playing with her cats, painting nails, daydreaming
Mannerisms: Has a very showy yet gracious way of walking, often places hands on her hips, raises her brows often
Likes: Bad boys/girls, action, nail polish, meat, night (moon and stars)
Dislikes: Vegetables, calm/passive people, overly nice people – she doesn’t quite trust them and think they are fake, rain
Inspirations: O-shiro Hitoyo
Life Goals: Live a happy life, get married, establish a stable bond with her twin sister.

She is very independent and strong willed woman. Akebono tends to be stubborn and temperamental. Sometimes she would seem to rarely value or accept other people’s opinions at first, though she does think about what she’s been told quite a lot later on and is not afraid to admit she’s been wrong, as her stubbornness mostly shows in terms of things she planned on rather than conversations that she had, so it might be better to say that she's hard working and pushes herself to the limit to achieve what she has planned. She is very ladylike in posture and language but she also knows what she wants and will find a method to work it out her way as long as it doesn't damage her or anyone else she cares about. As a very brave woman she doesn’t mind engaging in an argument to protect things and people she cares about, however she deals with it in a lady-like manner. She respects her clan and loves her family and tries her best not to damage their reputation however her temper sometimes tends to be an issue. She wouldn’t betray her clan and family, but she tends not to attach to others fully as quickly. With her everything is mostly black  and white – she either likes something or not. Though she’ll at most times try to stay polite even if she’s not a fan of something. Akebono isn’t rude and never insults people first – even if she would insult someone she’d try to do it somewhat backhandedly or indirect as she finds it even more effective. Akebono is also very hard working – even though she’s kind of untamable and does what she wants most of the time, she actually works hard on her future that she imagined being bright and happy. Though Akebono is pretty optimistic, she does very often overthink things in terms of family and future, which causes her to get depressed and stressed out. On the inside she's actually very emotional, however due to some of her negative traits it might not come that way at first.

– Hitoyo Miyu is her childhood friend, as their families known each other for ages.
– She really likes one black cat (male) that she named Manjū (among others in the compound).
- Akebono has very good table manners and eats slowly but her stomach is basically bottomless wheel.

Akebono and her family have quite tangled relations and relationships. Akebono is a daughter of O-shizu (印貢) and Yasuhiro (靖宏), and has a twin sister. O-shizu had a twin sister named O-shiro (御城) – Akebono’s and Akebono's twin sister's aunt. O-shiro was unfortunate to lose her husband before they could have a child. She didn’t want another man in her life as she loved her husband very much, but also craved for a child to show love to. Her sister O-shizu felt sorry for her, therefore she gave Akebono to her to raise her as her own child. Akebono does barely remember period that she spent with her biological parents therefore she doesn’t have any deep connections to them. O-shiro is and will always be a mother to her and she loves that woman greatly. However she still cares about her biological parents, and keeps in touch with them. Her twin sister is still one of the most important people to Akebono. However she thinks they will never be as close as they were as children, considering their different up-bringing and general life, made them stop hanging around each other as much. What Akebono fears the most is the fact that her ‘two’ families might never be as close as they were before. Even though they are in very friendly terms with each other, they happen to grow more distant with each year, and that saddens Akebono greatly. Her independence, slight self-centeredness and untamable nature might come from the fact that she realized that it’s the time to stop dreaming about uniting her families but create a place and family of her own from the scratch.

Combat Information: Initial Attributes and Shinobi Abilities:
Choose a Stat Type:
Bukijutsu Types focus on long−ranged combat utilizing various tools and effects.

Attributes: Stat Values that decide your Abilities:
Ninjutsu: 2.0
Taijutsu: 1.0
Genjutsu: 0.5
Fūinjutsu: 0.5
Kuji-In: 1.5
Sokudo: 2.0
Chishiki: 1.0
Tsuyo: 1.0
Ken: 1.5
Chakra: 1.0

Clans and Bloodlines: Kekkei Genkai, Hiden Techniques and Kinjutsu:
 Hitoyo: The Cat Clan. Masters of Stealth, Speed and the infamous Clan Dōjutsu.

Chakra Nature: Your Elemental Affinity (mostly affects Ninjutsu types)
Fūton (Wind)

Shinobi Specialization: Pursuing a Military Career in the Era of Shinobi:
Monomi: The experts of espionage, the Lion's claws and eyes, the Hitoyo Clan.

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