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RULES OF XxxTheCrowClubxxX (updated March 2021)


:blackrose: I want to unite all the Crow fans of the world in this group so EVERYONE can join!

If you have always loved The Crow or maybe you just came across it one day and thought it was a cool film or comic than you've found the right place! :blackrose:

With great power comes great responsibility so with having said that here are some of the rules to get you by......

:bulletred: NO submitting to the featured folder, it will be used to display only really good art that I find suitable to represent the group

:bulletred: NO pictures of just crows as in birds just flying around even if it is somewhat cool

:bulletred: ONLY SUBMIT ART IF YOU OWN IT I don't want people to just google 'the crow' and submit pictures of Brandon Lee cause that is NOT art that YOU the artist created or owns the rights to

:bulletred: NO pornographic art like really hardcore stuff, although nudity is allowed as long as it is 'tasteful'

:bulletred: NO anime or japanese style artwork. The creator doesn't like this style so neither do I >:D.

:bulletgreen: Make sure to submit the the right folder. If you are unsure then send this group a note and I will respond as soon as I can.

:bulletgreen: You can submit 4 deviations per day

:bulletgreen: If you don't want to join the Favorites folder will accept your art automatically approved! Just put it in the right folder or put it in Featured.

:bulletgreen: Be creative and draw your favorite Crow actor or OC character in cool action poses and just HAVE FUN

:blackrose: THE FOLDERS :blackrose:

:bulletpurple: "The Crow movies Fan Art" is art that can be of any medium that is from any of the movies.

:bulletpurple: "The Crow comic Fanart" artwork that is from the James O'Barr comic book The Crow or any of the other comics. Also this folder can include 'comic style' fan art of the movies such as Eric Draven but drawn as a cartoon/ comic character.

:bulletpurple: "Crow costumes & cosplay" you or your friends or anyone that has face paint of The Crow or is in full costume. Also maybe you digitally edited a photo to make it look like you are wearing makeup? that is welcome in this folder as well. As long as YOU the artist owns the photo it will be accepted

:bulletpurple: "other Crow related stuff" this folder is just 'everything else' this can include cartoons, animations, crafts, photos of books, photos of crow action figures......and a whole lot more!

Gallery Folders

The Crow by IrenHorrors
Ring by ValeoCrow
The Crow by HavetVargar
Eric Draven cosplay by Elena89Hikari
The Crow movies Fan Art
The Crow doodle by longhairvegan
The Crow (Here funboy)  by ChrisMilesC
The Crow Pencil Sketch  by DCGrant
The Crow (Brandon Lee) Pencil by ChrisMilesC
The Crow comic Fanart
Painful Advice  by DCGrant
The Crow sketch  by DCGrant
Madness jump jump dance and sing by EmbraceDarkshade
Love beyond the Grave by DCGrant
Crow costumes cosplay
Eric Draven cosplay by Elena89Hikari
Eric Draven cosplay by Elena89Hikari
Eric Draven cosplay by Elena89Hikari
Berter as Eric Draven CosPlay by blackdidthis
Other Crow related merchandise and art
A Prayer For Eric by Rosie-Love98
A Prayer For Eric (New Version) by Rosie-Love98
Like Father Like Son by Rosie-Love98
The Unbreakable Crow by Rosie-Love98
Literature of The Crow
Embrace Darkshade here I'm still alive and everything with all the stuff that's been going on. Theres some really cool fan art, cosplay & comic book fan art that's been added to this group so I just wanted to thank everyone for still being here. I need to refresh & update a lot of stuff on here hopefully but i'm way busier now than I was when this group was repurposed from the original owner OVER 10 YEARS AGO. So happy 10yr anniversary to TheCrowClub. I'm glad this group didn't get super cringe like a lot of other ones did over the years.
~love admin, Embrace Darkshade
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DCGrant Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for accepting me.:D (Big Grin) 
wmfl1980 Featured By Owner May 27, 2020
Would you be interested in adding this shot I did? It was inspired by 'Shattered in the Head' from the book.
The Crow by wmfl1980
BootShopStory Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018   Artist
It goes perfectly with the film "Young Frankenstein." Note Peter Boyle's arms....and the Crow...very connected....very touching :D
BootShopStory Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018   Artist
Maybe add "believe in angels,"  if you try, or before trying both look at poster of Young Frankenstein and add quote...magically works, with humor very very well
BootShopStory Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2018   Artist
There are cigarettes in both films.....
jamarx93 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
Well first look to my made up crow his name is Merrdock and once had a happy family and to this day longs for a revenge on his killers who took them away from him and Eric will do anything to make him yet smile once more and yes falls in love you will see my comics it's understood if you think he is lacking I'm busy with work so take patience in adding more to his and Eric's relationship
jayengrave Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you letting me join, hope you like my Crow glass :)
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Thanks for letting me join!
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Thanks for accepting me and my work! :blowkiss:
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