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Wooooooooow this journal hasn't been updated in ages! Jeebus Christ! Anywho, I'm in college now and enjoying the experience :D It's definitely a huge step up from high school but I'm trotting along well~

I've been mostly on Tumblr and Facebook which greatly explains why I've been inactive on here :( I'm afraid Deviantart isn't what it used to be and I've moved on....BUT it does not mean I do not check and occasionally upload work on here. My activity is just in other places which is why I'm putting my like page up here for those who are still with me to keep up to date on my works~………

I think there's more work on facebook anyway than there is on here...

Well that's it for now, catch ya guys later~:heart:

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:skull: You know what? It's summer for me and I haven't uploaded a single gosh darn thing since it started >:l I've just been sketching so much and putting unfinished pictures aside for far too long....It's time to get these lady fingers of mine back into gear and start drawing again, so I propose to do any requests just to get up and running again :D BUT! I do have some restrictions as to what to draw, so Imma lay down the law right here and now:

:skull: Request Info :skull:

:bulletred: Because these are requests I will do pencil/inked drawings (until such a time that I can get a paypal, commissions will commence with colored pictures).

:bulletred: I love specific instructions, i.e. please give me information on what you want your request to be :l What I look for specifically is:

:bulletblue: Character(s)
:bulletblue: References
:bulletblue: Style (I draw in two different styles, here's an example of each and )

:bulletred: I don't really set dates as to when a request will be done so you'll just have to wait and I'll notify you when the picture is done within a message.

:skull: You may notice that in my one album called "Requests" that there are some colored pictures in there, well a few years ago I used to offer colored picture requests but after realizing that my color pencils were depleting quickly, I put a stop to them. The only time I will actually do colored requests are for really close friends :heart:

But there you have it, if you would like a request please send a note with the information I will need :heart:

Much love :skull:
Wow I've been spacing out x.x School ended for me yesterday and you know what that means! I'm a senior!!! >:D about time >:U I'm still alive all up in this place, I'm just not as active as i used to be.....o3o but I do have works under construction~ So cool your jets

:heart: Skulls :heart:
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Why yes it has...

The summer is over and school has started this august but I've been too busy (by busy I mean school and video games :D)to update this journal D: My updates and picture uploads have been..lacking. But I am trying to get things done if I would put down the PS3 controller for once... :/ But that won't happen for a bit so bare with me children >:U

I still love you all~:heart:

:skull: Nikki :skull:
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So now that schools coming to a close (3 days infact ;D) I have been working on some new characters and a new series (which has yet to be named). I'm really syked for it ^^. Now for the sad news, my best friend Emilee (aka fallentsuki) has lost her deviantart account ;A; its completely gone, kaput, blamo! She says that she'll have a new account up soon :D Right now, Imma cookin pizza in school owo. Nothing really new, just what comes naturally.

~Nikki :skull:
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