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Three's A Crowd by xXxSkullsxXx Three's A Crowd by xXxSkullsxXx
These are my 3 main characters that I've been doodling some time and never got around to actually drawing them together in one big picture. This is like a "chibi" form of them so don't think that this is how I'm always gonna draw them.

L-R: Mordecai, Matt, Suzie

Mordecai has HUGE gages and when I say HUGE, I mean it. He dresses in gym attire (tank top and gym shorts) and switches from converses to sandals occasionally. He's one of my most favorite to draw because of the design and I love creeping people out with how big I made his gage holes :3 :heart:

Matt is best known for his bunny hoodie out of all the characters and I'm hoping to make it recognizable to everyone else. He's younger and shorter than Mordecai (about 2 years at the most) and they are best friends even though Mordecai finds Matt's personality childish. They both share a brotherly bond that they've had since they were 5.

Suzie is dating Mordecai and gets creeped out immensely by Matt. Her outfit is actually styled after a classmate of mine who wore the same top she has on now. She's extremely shy and fragile but has a right mind and kind heart.

Sorry to bore the crap out of you guys but this is basically background information that I've been compiling while sketching out these characters. I hope this will help give you an idea of how these characters will interact in future pieces.

Mordecai, Matt, Suzie (c) Meeee~
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June 13, 2012
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