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I'll replaced them with HQ renders this week
Wtf.. When I upload my work.. The result being ugly
BlackBerry Messenger PIN : 578DE9FB
Line : Wirda Fauzia (ID : wirdafauzia)
Facebook : Shinobu Oshino & Wirda Fauzia
Twitter : Yuwie_26
Instagram : Shiki1407

*Notes : I can't always active
Oh hi!
Long time no see
now I am very busy with my college and I have a lot of homework
but I still make a model edits, and I had just completed a model YYB len
and I have one problem, there is no internet connection in my house because my mother pull out all the facilities since I was in college and I can now actively using cell phone
For my late daddy
Hi, daddy
You are the best man in the world, I really love you so much
Nearly 1 months have passed
I’ll never forget that day
They trying to tell me
That you had died
I’m hurt but won’t be crying
Don't worry, dad. me and mommy will be fine
I just hope… one day
I want to see you again
I'm so proud of you
Brave and strong to the end
and I just want to say that we really love you so much, dad ....
Hi guys! Long time no see
I just want told you that my father had died since May 24, 2015
since May 14, 2015 he was already sick and on May 15, 2015 he entered the hospital
but,day by day, my father's health began to deteriorate
until he had to be installed oxygen to sustain his life
and may 24, 2015 ....

He has passed away with peacefully ... :')
Yo! Hello there!
Now, I'm really uninspired to make a some Tda edits
and this is my last Tda edits

Idk wat to write here by XxXSickHeartKunXxX

//because I'm very lazy now xD *slap*
I like this song because he has a amazing vocal!
I'm really impressed!

Watch now!

It's rainy again

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 6:59 PM
It's rainy again
and very cold ..
I want to sleep --"

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You know, I found dA when I was Junior High School student. My facebook friend introduced me to deviantART.
I'm curious about deviantart and I'm interested in creating 3-dimensional works that I called MikuMikuDance.
at first time I did not know how to use deviantART, but eventually I learned how to use it properly.
in DeviantArt, I can get new friends, see a very beautiful work of art that I had never seen before, and could seek MikuMikuDance models that I want. and On December 15, 2012, I joined deviantART under the username of wirdafauzia.
Thank you so much deviantART for making such an awesome website !.
and Happy 14th Birthday deviantART.

My feature :

1. Perfection Complex

I choose this 3d art because, I can see real 'Inner Beauty' in the art.

Perfection Complex by XxXSickHeartKunXxX

2. Hi Master! How are you ?

I choose this art because I really like Takane "Ene" Enemoto from Kagerou Project

Hi Master ! How are you ? by XxXSickHeartKunXxX

3. Mermaid

I choose this art because I making this art so very hard.

Mermaid by XxXSickHeartKunXxX

4. Colorful World

Because I very like this art.

Colorful World by XxXSickHeartKunXxX

5. Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu !

You know, this stamp inspired from song hatsune miku - Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu !

Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu Stamp ! by XxXSickHeartKunXxX
It's okay if you say like that ... ^^
Hi !
Long time no see, right ?
Sorry for long inactive
Because my illness make my body very weak (but i still can walk but i can't remember anything)
"Vascular Dementia" make me can't control myself and i'm always angry without apparent reason to people
and I'm so sorry if I have a problem with you
Yeah, I'm alone
because no would one to be friend with me
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Rules On My dA Page !

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 12:29 AM
Please follow my rules !

Bullet; Red Don't spam !
Bullet; Red Don't make/start drama !
Bullet; Red Don't ask me about trade models !
Bullet; Red Don't ask me about request !
Bullet; Red Don't ask me about kiribans !
Bullet; Green If you ask to be friends to me,
I am very happy to accept you as a friend
Bullet; Green You can ask me via note or comment !
Bullet; Green You can send request about my work to anything groups !
Bullet; Green You can ask me about my real lifes ! but via note or comment !
Bullet; Green You can ask me about something !
Bullet; Green You can chat with me via note !

Finally , Hatsune Miku will come to Indonesia ! Yay !

 1513686 10153900901095637 1201260082 N by XxXSickHeartKunXxX

Indonesian has achieved the highest vote as city in our “Help Us Find You!” campaign ! and It's make me really happy !