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Pokemon Colosseum 8th

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[ポケモンコロシアム / Pokemon Colosseum]


In Japan, Pokemon Colosseum was released on Nov. 21, 2003.
*this is a fanart I drew
- please do not reprint without my permission. -

個別うp / individual screenshots :…

よくある質問 / FAQ

1.ブラッキーの尻の下見せろ & ミレイはなんで泣いてるの?
1. Show me under the Umbreon's hip. & Why is Millay(Rui) crying?
--It's a secret! leave it to your imagination!!

2.Why does Hellgonza(Gonzap) have heterochromia eyes?
--Because my mind changed, I changed his eyes to dark brown.

* * *
- Please do not repost my illustrations without my permission.
- This is a fanart I drew.
* * *
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Now, this is a Masterpiece!

Speaking of which, I wonder which two VAs would be good for voicing Wes & Rui?

Wes: Roger Craig Smith or Greg Cipes?

Rui: Kate Micucci or Ashly Johnson? 
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My take is:

Wes: Steve Burton

Rui: Kate Higgins


Espeon(telepathy): Paul St. Peter, doing his Xemnas voice

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That could work.

But  only if we have Gonzap: Kevin Michel Richardson

Chief Sherles: Garry Chalk

Johnson: Tom Kenny

SKRUB: Will Friedle

Dakim: Dan Green

Lady Venus: Grey Griffin

EIN: Eric Stuart

Nascour: Charlie Adler

EVICE: Mike Pollock

(and in XD)

Lovrinna: Tara Strong

Snattle: Jeff Glenn Bennett

Goriagan: Clancy Brown

Ardos: Mark Hamill

Eldes: Dee Bradly Baker

Because these are the VAs that BEST suits them once you think about it.
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Thank you for a nice suggestion.
I didn't know them except Mark Hamil, but I heard their voice.
I think it's very nice.

Earlier, I made a video with internet voice actors.
This is my answer and is my ideal.
Please watch this video if you want^^*

ポケモンコロシアム音声化企画「スナノオト」/PokemonColosseum VoiceProject "Voice of Desert"
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GottabeperfectHobbyist General Artist
This is such a beautiful, perfect, realistic piece. Thank you for making such excellent artwork of one of my favorite Pokemon games.
xxxsak-hi's avatar
You're welcome!
And thank you for comment.
I'm glad you like this!
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This really should be an anime
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Why do I see may and max near Rui
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This needs to be real!

 Anyone else think that Wes is good-looking?
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this is very cool fanart
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Really amazing.
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AjanisApprenticeStudent Writer
This is incredible. You did an amazing job with this.
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Piplup-LuvHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd watch the hell out of this if it was a thing :D I actually thought it was before when I first saw one of the screens separate on Pixiv~

If you ever learn to animate in this style you should definitely do this~

Hmmm, I wonder if they'll touch on this game and XD in the new Pokemon Generations mini episodes, that'd be awesome :3
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i want this to be real so bad
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Linkmaster101Hobbyist General Artist
why is this not a legit anime that happend? a season of pokemon coloseum followed by XD with a final episode of wes and micheal meeting and battling would be beyond perfect
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RobinTheBardHobbyist Traditional Artist
OH MY GOD I WOULD LOVE IT IF THIS WERE ACTUALLY A SPINOFF ANIME <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 This had to be one of my favorite Pokemon games!
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This look like clips from a movie because the high quality is there!
Though I think Nintendo doesn't do much with the series because at that time, not too many ppl notice that the games came out and by then, they were nearly just never mentioned. Their just games you found on a treasure chest and be like " why did no one said anything about this!!!!"
Plus no one has said much about the games to Nintendo ever since while mother/earthbound 1 gets called out a lot...
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They should've seriously made an anime of Colosseum.
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CrackaLackingStudent Artist
I really wish Nintendo would make a third game along with Pokemon Colosseum and Gale of Darkness, or at least release the two games on the Wii U Virtual Console. I don't know if that'll happen though. You hardly see Nintendo mentioning these games at all, and there aren't even any trophies, music, etc. based on the games in Smash Bros. It's like Nintendo completely forgot about this series.
LuminousWarrior's avatar
I know, right! I mean, these games were everything that older Pokemon fans have been asking for for years! I would be happy with an updated rerelease myself, in the same vein as FR/LG, HG/SS, and OR/AS. Add a few more optional areas, a few more Shadow Pokemon, and maybe something to connect it to the main games. That would be awesome.
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StormHollieHobbyist Digital Artist
When I showed this to my brother, he hoped it was real because he was looking up for it on google.
This was his reaction:

Me: Hey Kyle check this out!
Bro: (Stares at it for a bit) Is this real?
Me: I'm not sure, but I don't think its real.
Bro:...You sure? (Goes on Google)
Me: Yes, I'm sure
Bro: You're right, it's not real.
Me:Too bad huh?
Bro: Yeah...but I'll you one thing.
Me: What?
Bro: happen.
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