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You hated him, he was everything you DIDN'T want in a man.

"Go play in a free way."

You scoffed, "after you fall in a ditch."

Sasuke smirked, then looked you over, "looks like you just crawled out of one."

This irked you, if not for you, he would have been lost in the long hallways of your school.

You looked sourly at him, "at least I don't smell of sex and alcohol."

He smirked wider, "jealous?"

"Why would I be jealous?"

You tightened your fists, your nails digging into your palms.

"Because it's Ino in my bed and not you."

He got closer, his hands grabbing your closed ones.

You immediately tensed, looking at the Uchiha weirdly.

"Let go of me!"

You went to pull away, but he pushed you into his chest and placed his lips on yours.

It was anything but pleasant. The kiss was sloppy, forceful, and was spoiled with the foul smell and taste of whiskey.

Strong whiskey.

He let you go and you immediately back away, spitting.

"What the hell?!" You shrieked, whipping at your mouth.

"You liked it." He gave you a cocky grin before smiling at you.

You stuck up your middle finger, and went to walk away when he grabbed you by your wrist and pulled you back.

"Call me." He whispered lightly into your ear before nibbling on it and pushing you off.

You looked back at him and glared, "i'll be sure it's the first thing to do on my list," you said sarcastically. "Oh, and by the way, have fun explaining to Ino about right now, shes behind you and looks very mad."

His eyes seemed to widen slightly before looking at you wryly.

You flashed him a smile before nodding to Ino and walking away.

You could clearly hear Ino screaming and Sasuke, and his almost silent hm's.

You turned a corner, smiling to yourself.

You were off to meet up with your boyfriend, and i'm sure he wouldn't enjoy the news of competition.


"_____________." Itachi stated plainly.

"Itachi!" you cheered happily.

You grinned, running up to him and jumping on him, your arms wrapping around his neck.

He had his arms around your waist as he twirled you around the flower beds, a small smile on his lips.

"Guess what?" You asked, kissing his nose lightly.

His smile seemed to fade, "you smell of whiskey."

You nodded, "I know, but I was getting there, guess."


You gave him a weird look before nodding, "how did yo-"

"He only drinks a certain brand, and its imported. You reek of it."

You nodded again before kissing him on the lips.

He gave you a unsatisfied grunt before setting you down on the flowers and sitting next to you.

"He kissed you?" He said it more as a statement than a question.


He turned to you before quickly pinning you of the soft, plush grass and flowers.

"I'll take that taste out of your mouth."

You were slightly surprised as he kissed you passionately.

There was a great significance between the two Uchiha's kisses.

Itachi was surprisingly sweet, gentle, and loving, while Sasuke was overly rough, unorganized, and sloppy.

He licked your bottom lip gingerly, so lightly that you could barely feel it.

You parted your lips and his tongue pushed through them easily.

You brought him closer to you, your hands tangling into his hair.


He stopped kissing you, his hands slowly going down your sides, and back up again.

He looking into your seemingly sparkling (e/c) eyes and smiled down at you.

It wasn't just any smile. It was the smile that could make a whole zoo apear in your stomach. The one he only showed you.

You blushed, turning your head.

He took this chance to lean down and kiss your neck tenderly.

You gasped slightly, not expecting him to leave the small bruises on your neck.

"I-Itachi!" You looked at him, surprised.

He just kissed you quickly, not wanting to explain himself.

You couldn't resist, and you ended up kissing him again.

He ended up picking you off the ground, and onto his lap.

You didn't seem to mind as he pushed your body closer.

He continued to nip at your neck, until he found what he was looking for. Your sweet spot.

You cried out loudly when he bit down on it harshly, pain and pleasure searing through you.

Your hands gripped his t-shirt tightly, and you ended up pushing him to the ground, you still on top of him.

You didn't want him to stop, and your moved your hands to under his head.

He didn't seem to mind as he licked up the blood that had started to seep through your newly found wound.

It went for what felt like hours, just kissing and touching each other.

He eventually stopped himself, and decided it was time to go home.

He opened the door with his keys and let you walk in first, locking the door behind him.

He kissed your cheek as he walked upstairs, probably going to take a shower.

You walked to the kitchen, getting some food out and cooking.

The house phone rang and you picked it up, "i'm busy."

"Too busy for me?" The voice was cocky, arrogant.

"Sasuke." You stated plainly, getting some plates.

"I want you."

You scoffed, "no. I'm not a toy, you can't just buy me."

You could almost see the smirk on his lips, "i'm sure I can find a way."

You poured some food on two plates, "nope."

You put your hand on the end of the phone then yelled, "Ita! Dinners ready!"

You put the phone back to your ear, the other line silent, "listen, I ha-"

"Break up with Itachi." His words were simple, but his voice was cold.

You gulped, "w-what?"

"Break up with Itachi."

You were surprised to hear him say such things, "no."

"Why the hell not?" He screamed through the other line, hurting your ear.

You frowned, going to tell him off before another voice cut in, "Sasuke. Don't call again."

It was Itachi.

The line went dead and you set the house phone down, turning your head to the stairs.

He lazily walked down the stairs, putting a hand through his wet hair.

You stared at him, amused.

He wasn't wearing a shirt.

He seemed to have caught onto your staring, and looked up.

His normal expression soon turned smug.

"What?" You asked, confused.

He sat down at the table and started eating, "nothing."

You glared playfully at him before getting him something to drink.

You sat down as well, eating.

Dinner was quiet as usual and you ran upstairs, taking a shower then sleeping.

Itachi finished cleaning the kitchen before joining you upstairs.

Itachi laid down in bed, looking at you until you climbed in as well.

He immediately grabbed you, bringing you into his firm chest.

You were surprised, but you ended up snuggling into him.

He kissed the top of your head before the two of you drifting off into slumber.


You shrieked, staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror.

There was hickeys and teeth marks all over your neck.

"I-Itachi!" You yelled out for him, but you knew he was already gone.

You quickly grabbed the concealer and dabbed it on your neck.

It hurt way too much for comfort, so your stopped.

Even if you did successfully put on the make up, there would still be teeth marks.

You pouted, changing into your school uniform before running off to school.

You walked down the hallways, people gasping and staring at you weirdly.

You looked down, ashamed before you quickly opened your locker.

You grabbed your needed supplies before looking at yourself in the small mirror you placed in your locker.

You frowned, pressing a hand to your neck.

Itachi came up from behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, his head resting on your shoulder.

The whispers got louder and you scowled.

"Itachiiiii." You whined, looking at him through the small mirror.

He only smiled, whispering lightly in your ear, "you're mine. This just proves it."

His finger tips ran over your bruises and bite marks, kissing your cheek lightly before walking off.

Your brows furrowed and you slammed the locker closed, "i'm not a toy!"


By the end of the day you were tired of all the whispers and stares.

You opened your locker and put your things away.

You sighed, looking at the mirror again, "stupid Ita...Why do I love you...?"

You slammed the locker close and jumped in surprise by how close Sasuke was.

"H-How long have you been standing there?"

He scowled, "long enough."

He roughly grabbed you by your shoulders, his nails digging into your bruises.

He brought his lips to yours and you hissed in pain as his finger nails dug deeper.

He pushed his tongue passed your lips easily, smirking.

You were in too much pain to react right away, blood spilling from your now open wounds.

Suddenly, Sasuke was jerked off of you, "she's not breaking up with me. She doesn't like you. If she liked you, you would be the one she kisses...Instead of the other way around."

You were surprised to see Itachi be so cold to his brother, the glare he gave him enough to make a grown man cry and run off.

Sasuke stood up, and glared back,

"You're just using her."

You seemed taken back, turning to Itachi.

His face was calm, like usual.

You rolled your eyes, your hands tightening in fists.

Sasuke smirked, continuing, "that's why you're stinging her along."

Itachi then let out a laugh, a genuine laugh, and you released your fists, looking at him, "huh?"

Itachi then stopped, bringing you into his chest.

"I'm not stringing her along, and i'm definitely not using her. Her cooking skills, wits, and flexibility is just a bonus."

You seemed to have blushed violently at the last part, "I-Ita-san!"

He smiled down at you, "what?"

Sasuke snarled, "you don't deserve her!"

Itachi turned his attention back to Sasuke, then turned around, his arm still over your shoulder, your arms wrapped around his waist.

"What?" Itachi scoffed, "and you do?"

He continued walking down the hallway, leaving Sasuke there, shocked.

You turned to Itachi and he placed one of his hands on your chin, lifting your face up to meet his. He leaned down and claimed your lips, making sure Sasuke noticed.

He didn't pull away until Sasuke turned and ran the other way, tears threatening to fall from his eyes.

"I still love you...." Sasuke closed his eyes tightly,  tuning the corner quickly, "and if he ever hurts you..."

Itachi smirked down at you, then took your hand, walking home.

He looked backed at the school, spotting his brother in the window.

He could only pull you closer to him, and smile.

Anyways, I hope you like it, I couldn't think of a good name for this...SOOOO I asked you guys for help and the lovely :iconduskxphantom: came up with war and I though it fit it perfectly so yeah!

Anyways, I hope you like this tid bit :)
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Aw what a great day to end a night 
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(The one person who feels so bad but the rest are like,"FUCK YOU SASUKE!")
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DerpFangurl Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015
Fanfic: "I love you... and if he ever hurts you.."

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i agree with you ^_^
leaionora Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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So,will you continue?
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