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Itachi Uchiha
CaughtFawn!Makoto Tachibana cosplay
CaughtFawn!Makoto Tachibana cosplay
No Shame No Pain
Oc: Vanae 'Vinny'
It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas~ Makoto
Eren x Reader ~ Bad Nurse
Laying down on the soft bed, you groaned, feeling the pain on your lower back. Hearing the door to the infirmary open and close, you opened your eyes, and turned your head to look at door way. The small smile played on your lips, "E-Eren..." "You shouldn't talk, __________, you're hurt." Your smile could only widen, bringing your hand up to caress his face as he sat down next to you. He closed his eyes, placing his hands over the one that was touching his cheek, then nuzzling it. "I have to change your bandages." You then nodded, Eren bringing his hand to your forehead, then frowning, "you're burning up too..." He helped you get up, m
Teen!Reader x Teen!Dean ~ For ShadowcatPrime
~*~Slight bullying and bad words, but, come on, its supernatural~*~ Maybe you might have turned too quickly, seeing as though you ran into one of the people you DIDN'T want to run into. "I-I'm sorry!" You cried, scrambling to your feet. The boy in front of you growled, grabbing you by your shoulders and shaking you harshly, "what was that, bitch?" Gulping down a little fear, you spoke, "I-I...I didn't mean to..." The boy then rammed you into the locker to your side. Letting out a loud yelp, he tightened his grip, "you're crazy, mad, worthless, ugly, and a stupid brat!" Ramming you into the lockers again and drawing his fist back he wen
Alucard x Reader ~ a disappointment
"You're just like the rest...A disappointment." His words stung at your heart, your knee's growing weak, your vision blurry and your cheeks puffed and red from your salty tears falling down on them. "Alucard..." You're voice was shaky, your hands reaching up to touch them before they were brutally smacked away. "I hate you, get out of my sight." Your mouth opened slightly in a small gasp, your heart slowly breaking into pieces. He was the one person who you never wanted to disappoint, the one who you wanted to hold and cherish for all eternity. "Alu..." You called him by the nickname you had given him all those years ago as he turned hi


Makoto Tachibana x Reader ~ See you later
~*~*~*~I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU HEAR THIS WHILE READING THIS STORY!!! ~*~*~*~ The tears slipped down your face as you stared at the grave stone by your feet. The sky seemed to agree with you as the rain poured on your body. Your hand laid on the top of the grave stone as you fell on your knees, wrapping your arms around the cold, big stone. You snuggled into the ruff surface, scratching your face lightly. You let a sob out, the mud rubbing on the bottom of your dress and onto your bare skin, the mud sticking to your shoes. Your hands traced him name, 'Makoto Tachibana.' You sobbed again, then lo
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Opps--forgot to mention the new name xXxMrsUchihaxXx ---> polarbearcubs
It's been a long time, my lovies! I've improved a lot with my writings, and though I love the work I've done here, I tend to find it over whelming? I'm starting fresh on a new account, and I'd absolutely love it if you were to watch me over there too ...
What host are you? / Tagged o3o
1.    Tamaki [ ] You are French [ ] You are a very romantic person [ ] You flirt with a lot of girls/boys [x] Easily fooled by things that wouldn't fool most [ ] You're overly eccentric in everything you do [x] You care about your family deeply even if they don't return the feelings [ ] Your birthday is in April [x] You're slow when it comes to your own feelings total: 2 Kyouya [x] You wear glasses [ ] You are known for being "evil" [x] Your favorite foods are anything spicy [ ] You excel in everything you do [ ] You're a very calculating person [ ] Your birthday is in November [x] You hate waking up in the morning [x] You n


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do you take requests? if so could you make a reader x castiel songfic of ill follow you down by shinedown? you can listen to it here (i also got the idea from this video)…;
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