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"Xavier is gone. The people looking after him and 'helping' him are all gone too."
"Everything was dead silent when we woke up. That 'Francis' dude who's a bunk-mate of my living quarters went out and found out the Supply Closet was wide open. This vile, deathly scent was leaking out, a metallic blood-like aroma of... I smelt it myself. It's horrid."
"I don't know what kind of steel makes up Francis' balls, but he had the courage to inspect the Supply Closet with a plugged nose... and he came out vomiting up his stomach contents, and without hesitating or saying anything, just threw the door wide enough so we could all see."
"Blood, grease, oil fluids I can't even recognize, smeared EVERYWHERE. Floor, walls, ceiling, the beds. It was a nightmare that stank to high hell. We shut the door and plugged it up with the kitchen towels. Francis is bedridden now. The smell was that overwhelming."
"We're all shook to our core... Most of us are just hiding in our rooms... I heard that 'Calvin' guy from another room over telling his bunk-mates that he's seriously complementing suicide by now. That's how much this whole thing's mentally wrecked him. I managed to eavesdrop just enough for his bunk-mates to successfully talk him out of it and told him alright will be alright... I really hope so... I just want to get out of here, and by now, I don't give the slightest damn if I'm fired or not."
"Workplace Diary Entry #88, Victoria Cobb."

SUMMER 2019.
"They finally faced Xavier today. He's been silent for the past day. Hope nothing bad happened to him while he was stuck in there."
"We were prohibited from even being near the Supply Closet's entrance, told us it was absolutely forbidden and if we even made an attempt, they'd fire us on the spot."
"Rumors are floating around right now. I don't know any of their details, but I know they're not optimistic in the slightest. Way to make the mood for this awful restaurant, you dolts."
"The only real thing I've heard is Xavier's not going to be on cashier duty for a while after recovering. Stuff's really tense now. I'll keep this little diary they gave us updated to pass the time. It's all I can do during my break."
"God, the air's scorching. I really hope Heather comes back soon. She's been gone for a week."
"Workplace Diary Entry #9, Francis Hayes."

SUMMER 2019.
"I can hear Xavier now. We can all hear him now, clear as day."
"He's scratching on the door of the Supply Closet like a violent animal. He won't respond to any questions. He won't be even make noise anymore."
"Some workers tells me he does make noise during the night. He croaks, like a diseased frog. While I've never heard it myself, that very idea sickens me."
"They also tell me fluid is starting under the door. It's more grease, but it's pungent. They tell me it smells like sewage."
"We're all frightened now, but the manager refuses us from letting us out. Just clean up the grease and ignore him. Tells us we've be 'disciplined' if we enter... she's a full-blown psychopath."
"Workplace Diary Entry #62, Victoria Cobb."

SUMMER 2019.
"Floor slick with grease, air hot from heat."
"The atmosphere's almost molten."
"Our breaks are growing shorter, it's like they're purposefully trying to boil us alive."
"Xavier's still in the Supply Closet."
"The job has now officially become torture, and I'm quitting as soon as I can."
"Workplace Diary Entry #23, Calvin Heed."

SUMMER 2019.


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I'm currently working a passion project, not related to any past projects I've worked on.

The passion project is a fanfiction-like series split into multiple chapters, around 24 planned, each 4 chapters a "campaign" or like the main acts of a play, called "The Epidemic of Obsidian Rain".

As a quick summary of its plot, the TEoOR takes place in September of the year 2029 in the fictional beach city of "Mirrorshore" that's ravaged by an extraterrestrial virus known as "Obsidian Rain" that emitted from an organic, calcified-skinned meteorite-like creature that crash-landed to Earth a year ago and remained dormant in the "Bioeyes" laboratories where it was studied, the meteorite nicknamed the "Big Bang" by scientists.

The story follows two factions (Faction Alpha and Faction Beta) of 6 survivors each, the first faction consisting of a group of ragtag survivors while the second are two agents sent out by a government agency known as "VOLCA" (standing for Veterans Oppressing: Lawlessness, Chaos, and Anarchy) and four android-like machines known as Utilizers, also sent by VOLCA to combat the outbreak. The two groups attempt to escape Mirrorshore and get to a nearby tropical island outside of the city where it has been rumored that a secret lab is there, containing scientists who are supposedly creating an antidote for the virus.

I started making the first 3 chapters a few weeks ago but I eventually become unhappy with the final results a few pages into Chapter 3 and decided to scrap the chapters and completely revise everything. During this, I thought about possibly allowing others on Discord to help me out with it. So far, stuff like characters, the backstory I just described, some basis of the story, and even two upcoming DLC-styled "extensions" or "semi-sequels" are planned out but mostly stuff like character bio's and most of the story basis have not been touched yet.

I thought about creating and sharing a Discord group and letting people who wanted to help me out with the project, list ideas, give their reviews of chapters once they release, and generally just provide support. The group may also be used as a socializing group where people can interact and also talk to me directly. Once each campaign of 4 chapters are complete, I plan on them uploading them to my DeviantArt journals.

What do you guys think? Should I do this? And if so, would you guys be interested?

(Also, for those wondering, The Epidemic of Obsidian Rain is heavily inspired by zombie apocalypse-styled outbreak video games, including Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Space 1 through 3, and Dying Light.)


xXxMLGFNAFxXx's Profile Picture
United States
Welcome to my profile. My name is xXxMLGFNAFxXx, an average FNAF fan.
I like Overwatch, FNAF (of course), Terraria, Minecraft (kinda), Roblox (kinda), and etc. I mean, what else did you expect?
Anyways, I make FNAF photoshop edits and FNAF game concepts.
That's all I have to say. Bai.

(4/22/18 UPDATE: If you wish to view my game concepts, I will be listing them below for convenience toward both you and me.)

Beach Fever 1:…
Beach Fever 2: ''Beach Epidemy''…
Beach Fever 3: ''Sunscorched''…
Beach Fever 4: ''Sleep Paralysis''…
Beach Fever 5 Part 1: ''Bahamas Location''…
Beach Fever 5 Part 2:…
Beach Fever 6: ''Happy Place''…
Beach Fever 7: ''Beach Quarantine''…
Beach Fever 3 DLC: ''Broken Loose''…
Beach Fever 8 Part 1: ''Beach Doomsday''…
Beach Fever 8 Part 2:…
Beach Fever 4 DLC: ''Calling All Monsters''…
Beach Fever 5 DLC: ''Feveristmas''…
Beach Fever 9 Part 1: ''Beach Archives''…
Beach Fever 9 Part 2:…
Beach Fever 9 Part 3:…
Beach Fever 10 Part 1: ''Beach Plague/BF X''…
Beach Fever 10 Part 2:…
Beach Fever 10 Part 3:…
Beach Fever 10 Part 4:…
Beach Fever 11 Part 1: ''Beach Nightclub''…
Beach Fever 11 Part 2:…
Beach Fever 11 Part 3:…
Beach Fever 11 Part 4:…
Beach Fever 1:…
Beach Fever 12: WIP.
Beach Fever World: Not WIP. Planned for later release.

No Mercy 1:…
No Mercy 2: ''Jigsaw''…
No Mercy 3: ''Dead Air''…
No Mercy 4 Part 1: ''Abducted''…
No Mercy 4 Part 2:…
No Mercy 5 Part 1: ''The Final Chapter'' (not really)…
No Mercy 5 Part 2:…
No Mercy 6 Part 1: ''Reborn From The Scrap''…
No Mercy 6 Part 2:…
No Mercy 6 Part 3:…
No Mercy 7 Part 1: ''Biochemically Reborn''…
No Mercy 7 Part 2:…
No Mercy 7 Part 3:…
No Mercy 8: WIP. Currently on hiatus while I work on Beach Fever.

Castleblock 1:…
Castleblock 2: "The Jewels Upon My Crown"…
Castleblock 3: "Dethroned with No Crown"…
Castleblock 4: "No Crowns Down Under" + "Crowneen DLC"…
Castleblock 5: "A Re-Ignited Crown"…
Castleblock 6: WIP.

Five Nights to Stop The Clock:…
FNtSTC Remake + Five Nights to Stop The Clock Sequel: Both WIP. Both on hiatus.
Original Red Room:…
Red Room Remake + Red Room Sequel: Both WIP. Both on hiatus.
Five Nights Spent Missing:…
My take on a Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 game concept: (Unfinished)…
Five Nights to Crash Part 1:…
Five Nights to Crash Part 2:…
Five Nights to Crash Part 3:…
Five Nights to Crash Part 4:…
My take on a Five Nights at Sonic's 4 Halloween DLC game concept:…
My take on a FNAF 6 game concept before FFPS' release:…
Much earlier version of FNAF 6 game concept:…
Five Nights Locked Underground 1: (FNAF/Undertale Crossover)…
Five Nights at Freddy's 7 Game Concept: Into The Siren's Trap (Unfinished, will finish when I return from vacation on July 10th):…
Five Nights Locked Underground 2: WIP. Most likely on brief hiatus.
My take on a Five Nights at Candy's 4 game concept: WIP. Most likely on brief hiatus.

Episode 1 Part 1:…
Episode 1 Part 2:…
Episode 2:…
Episode 3:…
Episode 4:…
Episode 5:…
Episode 6:…
Episode 7:…
Episode 8:…
Episode 9:…
Episode 10 through 14 have completed scripts. They will be tweaked and uploaded soon.
(6/25/18 EDIT: Currently taking a hiatus from Object Discord. Probably will return to it soon.)

Cancelled projects such as the Beach Fever 9 fanfiction and a very old game concept ''Five Nights Burnt To The Ground'' will not be included due to being cancelled or no longer in production.

Also, if it is January 1st and you're here to greet me happy birthday, it's not my birthday. I put a random date when setting up my account and I'm pretty sure you can't change it. Either way, January 1st is not my birthday, it's September 12th.


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Popgoesnovel Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2019  New Deviant
You just inspired me to do a new game concept series five nights at pixie hollow.
Popgoesnovel Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2019  New Deviant
Your game concepts just inspired me in doing a game concept series called five nights at pixie hollow.
Popgoesnovel Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2019  New Deviant
You think you could do a game concept of the Disney fairies as animatronics?
xXxMLGFNAFxXx Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2019
Currently on hiatus of unknown length away from making game concepts. I'm not entirely sure when I'll come back to them.
Popgoesnovel Featured By Owner Edited Apr 19, 2019  New Deviant
Ok then.

even though you are on haitus, I still think a five nights at pixie hollow would be a good game concept.
Publishment18 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2019
You can respond to my comment about you making a journey entry of the no mercy 8 characters in spring.
xXxMLGFNAFxXx Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2019
Oh, yeah. If I do ever cancel No Mercy 8, I'll do so.
Publishment18 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2019
Publishment18 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2019
Maybe you can at least do a journal entry of the no mercy 8 characters in the spring and the full concept in the summer?
Publishment18 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019
You might have time to do game concepts for spring break?
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