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Cruiser Class Starship



This ship is my greatest ship I have ever created (IMO). I know this ship inside and out since I had a dream about it. I know EVERYTHING about this ship and it is hard to explain this into detail about it.

It is the cruiser class starship. It has Ion canons, lazor canons and has a nice fleet bay for any fighter ships. Since the last time I posted this, the engines have been revamped, looking more details than boxes on the sides. The auto turret ion canon is a nice addtion too. To real size, the ion canon is about the size of 5 buses. Ion Canons have a slower reload time than energy canons, but they pack a bigger punch.

This ship, if compaired to Star Trek, would be the equivilant of a Enterprise. It is used to travel long distances, but can hold its own in a fire fight. Having transwarp engines and regular engines, this ship is highly manuverable.

I dont know about you guys but I love this ship. Only thing I need to do now is texture it, which im not so good at. I'll learn though...for the sake of this ship Ill learn.
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You need to do more than texture it, you need to add more detail so it looks like a ship and not some boxes welded together. I'd be embarrased to be the Captain of this...