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A Chance at Love: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
"Naruto you should be more careful." Tsunade, the school nurse, scolded. I sit in front of her, with a black eye and bruises all over. They were big, black, and painful. Tsunade frowned at me, checking to make sure that my ribs aren’t broken. I try to hide the winces from her every time she touches a tender spot. Tsunade knows about how my uncle, and legal guardian, beats me. I don’t want her to tell anyone. I deserve it, and I really-really don’t want to have to move in my senior year of high school. I’m going away to college next year. She just doesn’t like that I come into her office almost daily. She speaks sternly, but not harsh. I know how frustrated she gets about this.   "Really Naruto, what happened this time?"
I look down as recall what happened the night before. I stare at the floor unseeing as the memory floods back.
I was done with my homework, although I really just bullshat most of the answers, and was currently
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 16 53
A Weird Reality 13
I wake to a steady beeping and soft whispers. My ears twitch at the annoying sounds. When I open my eyes I'm practically blinded by light and hiss. This causes the whispering voices to turn to shouts. All voices I barely recognize.
"He's awake!" A female voice cried out.
"I saw him move!" A male voice states, sounding further away than the female one.
"I saw it too! Roxas! Roxas are you okay?" A male voice spoke, and I feel a hand on my shoulder, shaking. It made my head spin too much and I whimper.
"You three need to stop shouting and Hayner, stop shaking him. He's hurt pretty bad and that's not helping." A fourth voice seaks above the rest, one I don’t recognize. Hayner, the name she said, sounds familiar. Why though? I open my eyes and try not to stare into the white light. I idly wonder if I was dead. I have to be. I feel too comfortable. I have to be dead.? And why is the world beeping? As my vision seeps back slowly I notice the overly white walls, and the machines around m
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 2 33
My World Starts With You
Chapter 1
Roxas wakes up slowly, his head pounding, and his eyes stinging from the light. He groggily sits up from lying on the cold ground. ‘Where am I?’ he thinks as he looks around with squinted eyes. He’s in the middle of a room, with no roof. He doesn’t seem to be in a house, more like a little closed off alleyway outside. The ground is yellow and the walls are made of stone. The wall that leads out is made of a chain-link fence, but it’s covered partially by a dark cloth, to make it a bit more private. He glances around again and notices a small sofa along the wall to the left of the chain-link fence, and a cooler on the one opposite the fence. It looks like someone has made their home here. Roxas stands up on shaky feet as he looks down at his hands and gasps. There is a weird red counter on his hand. It appears to be counting down. Roxas’ heart thumps out of beat at the sight of it. It’s unnatural, and not supposed to be there.
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 4 9
Into the Darkness
Spiraling, Falling, Fading
Darkness envelops the light of the world
Crying, Fearing, Ignoring
I scramble dumbly in the defining nothing
Grabbing, Pulling, Squeezing
A hand grabs mine and pulls me in a set direction
Following, Worrying, Wondering
Where is this person taking me
Wondering, Spying, Hoping
A small prick of light pops up in the distance
Hoping, Hoping, Hoping
Passing the light, to glance at a red eyes demon leading the way
Fearing, Crying, Struggling
the demon wont let go
Looking, Gulping, Shaking
The demon cups my cheek
Thinking, Calming, Swooning
The darkness takes me
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 4 12
Axel's Madness
Chapter 1
I lay in the very clean office ; on the mostly comfortable, stereotypical sofa of my psychiatrist.  He sits in his large, comfortable office chair, just watching and waiting for me to talk. I have nothing to say though. I dont know why I let Demyx talk me into going to this stupid therapy session. I don't think it will do anything more than last time. and that time I had gone in for some mild depression I had gotten for being so stressed from school work. My old therapist wasn't very good, just wanted to give me meds, and have me pay, then leave. But Vexen, my therapist as of last week, is cold, thin, and very blond. I don't like him. He looks at me like I'm  some experiment to toy with. He wants to put me back on the Anti-psychotic MEDs, but I'm not crazy. I just happen to have more than one soul. Two to be exact. Lea and Reno, and both are very different from me, and each other. Lea is really happy-go-lucky and naiive. Reno is a rugged, I'll-shoot-you-in-your-face-
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 6 12
The Heart's Teacher: Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Bobby walks me to his car and helps me get in. I need to figure out how to pay for a funeral or, something. I need to figure out how to tell her school. Where had mom been when Kate had… When Katie was… “Alyssa, I’m going to make you eat something, because I know you won't otherwise. What will you tolerate me getting you?” Bobby knocks me out of my thoughts and I snap my head toward him.
“What? O-Okay.” I mumble and look out the window. He huffs and I look over at him, frowning at him. He stares at me, looking into my eyes. He seems worried again so I try to smile, but I can feel it didn’t do anything. He shakes his head at me and sighs.
“What do you want to eat Alyssa?” His voice is slow, like he’s spelling out the question for me. I guess I didn’t answer his question. I thought for a moment and tried to decipher the random emotions that my stomach head and heart were telling me. I couldn’
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 3 10
The Heart's Teacher Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Her skin is pale, ghostly white, and she is covered in deep gashes, and bruises. Her body is twisted so bad that some of her bone is sticking out.  Her body is almost twisted so that she’s laying on her back and side at the same time. Her hair is covered in blood and chunks of I don’t know what. Her face was the worst. Half of her cheek was gone and her nose was shifted to the right, broken. There is a tare in her skin where her nose is bent. There is a large gash in her head, so deep I can see broken bits of her skull.  It terrifies me how she looked so young, and so much like Katie. My stomach twists in fear and the threat of throwing up. I can’t stand to look at her, yet, she looks so much like my baby sister.
Taking a step closer, I look harder at her face. I imagine that her nose was straight, and her cheek was there, and the cuts and bruises were gone. This girl would look exactly like Kate. My eyes travel to her ears and I see little
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 2 58
The heart's Teacher Ch 3
Chapter 3
Bobby’s car stops and he gets out. A moment later he pulls me out of the car. “Alyssa? Are you okay?” He asks, looking at me.  I can’t look at him. I don’t want to look him in the eye for fear of getting upset. I don’t want to lose my head. Bobby drags me away from the car and into the hospital. I still refuse to look up. I barely notice the people talking around me, the hustling nurses and doctors. I don’t notice the people staring at me because I was too busy to staring at the floor. “This is Alyssa Moore, we were told her sister has been omitted here?” Bobby’s voice sounds weird, and far away again. I don’t hear the next part of the sentence because that’s when I look up and see the answer in the nurse’s eyes.
“I’m sorry to inform you that your sister has died in a car crash coming home from school.” She speaks calmly. Yet my heart speeds up and I can’t feel my
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 4 14
The Heart's Teacher Ch. 2
Chapter 2
I’m trying to get some homework done when I hear a loud knock at the door. I stop and sigh, looking up from my work. I stand and fix my old black T-shirt and sweat pants before walking to the door. My mother yells at me to “open the damn door”, even though she’s closer, and not doing anything but drinking on the sofa. That woman can’t be helpful even if her life depends on it. So I try to bite back my growl as I got to the door.
I swing the door open and rather rudely say “Can I help you?” My eyes fall upon a tall blond girl. My eyes gravitate toward her pink glittery shirt, with the words “Suck it” written over her chest. She has a cute face that I was expecting to see caked in tons of makeup like the other girls in school. I was, disturbingly, pleasantly surprised. Her eyes are lined with a thin layer of black liner that makes her eyes shine and stand out in a stunning, breathtaking kind of way. They are full of s
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 2 38
The Heart's Teacher Ch 1
Chapter 1
I’m up way before my alarm goes off, and I’m already down in the kitchen making breakfast. The only reason I have it on is so I know I need to wake Katie soon. By this time I already have Kate’s backpack all packed with her homework and her lunch. I had made her breakfast, now all I have to do is wake her up. It usually isn’t very hard to wake her. All I have to do is turn on her light and call her name.  That made it easier for me to be able to get myself ready for school. So I walk up to her room and open the door, turn on the light and call, “Kate, It’s time to wake up. I made you your favorite for breakfast.” She groans a bit and sits up. Kate looks cute when her hair was all messy from sleep. “Now shower before it gets cold.”
“Okay sis, I’ll be right there…” she groggily whines, and stretches. That’s my cue to leave her to get dressed. I never have to baby sit her like other
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 2 22
The Heart's Teacher: Prologue
I never knew how boring my life was until she showed up. Actually, I never really knew much about myself until she showed up. The only think I knew was that I was relatively short for my age, I had long messy dark brown hair, had to wear glasses over my green eyes, and men seemed to hit on me. Men, not people my age, it crept out. I had a mother who was like my child, and I had a sister who I took pride in rising. Oh, and my father left my mom a long time ago, leaving me to clean the mess he left behind. Anyway, she turned so many things about me upside down. My life had been pretty much straight forward. I would get up, get dressed, make breakfast, then get Katie up and ready, get Kate to school, run to school myself, pick Kate up from school, try to do homework, make dinner, and then work till 3 hours before school.  Nothing special.
I would pretend to be the adult my mother refused to be ever since my father left. I had no time to have friends, or worry about bo
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A Weird Reality 12
"I'm going to go check on dinner, but there is no reason for you to cry Sora. " He growled at me, and I just curled up, my ears twitching against my head as he walked away. The sound his footsteps made were loud, defining. The fact that he walked away from me while I was crying, was heartbreaking. My whole body was numb and yet cold. I could only feel what seems like a slushy of ice running through my veins, making me feel heavy. I stood and slowly walked to the guest room.  Each step I took made me feel heavier and heavier. I felt my tail dragging against the floor. I hated it. I hate what happened to me, the way it made me hurt, the way it made Riku look at me. A burning desire to rip it off tore through me like a wild fire. When I got into the room I saw that the bed had been remade, probably because I bled all over it. Fire burned and battled with the ice under my skin. It gave me an odd numbing, frustrated feeling. I closed the door and grabbed ahold of my ear and pulled hard
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 3 23
Sunset Kisses by XxXlove-dark-moonXxX Sunset Kisses :iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 4 33 Can't Handle my Swag ID by XxXlove-dark-moonXxX Can't Handle my Swag ID :iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 1 21
The Past, The Present, and Our Future
Chapter 2- One Step After the Other
Amilie walked down the dirt path, looking at the map. She sighed to herself, realizing how far away her home was from everything else. "This town is so far out from everyone...It's going to take at least a day of walking, just to get out of the forest alone." She sighed again and looked around at the trees. She felt alone, in such a big place "At least this path is marked on the map. Dad must have done it when he was young and would go on adventures."  Amilie smiled fondly at the thought of hir writing out secret routes and paths. She remembered when her father gave her these books.
"Okay Ami, let's set up your books in the book shelves." A younger version of Amilie's father stood before a small, red haired girl in a freshly made tree house. It was small and made for one person. It was carved from a large blue windelow tree, the leaves hiding the door. Damien had a large box in his hands, and a charming smile on his lips.
"My books?"Amilie l
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 4 6
The Past, The Present, and Our Future
Chapter One- Amongst the Trees
Amilie Manson is a pale and petite girl, with long, dark red hair. It flows behind her as she runs quickly. Her breath comes out in harsh pants, and her feet slap the ground as she runs. She runs through the forest with which she grew up knowing and loving. She usually finds a happy place in the forest. When she is in the forest, she feels closer to her powers. Her witch's powers are specialized in wind, earth, water, and fire. Amilie has one other ability that is rather unusual, and she never tells anyone about it. She can feel the spirits of the things around her if she tried to listen hard enough. Amilie has never told anyone about feeling spirit, it's considered a dark art. So she's hid her ability well.
She scans over the trees with her deep purple colored eyes, reading into their spirit. The trees are large and a pretty blue, the branches twist with the other branches. The leaves are paler in color then the bark and there are lightbugs flying throug
:iconxxxlove-dark-moonxxx:XxXlove-dark-moonXxX 11 0
most of my stuffs is crap....but ima post it anyway ^-^


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Yes, I'm still alive, if anyone is paying any attention to this. 

Where have I been, you ask?

Living life, sucking at it, and reading a butt ton of fanfiction. Oh and I got a girlfriend....and an apartment. Which is awesome. 


I'm starting a youtube channel. I read fanfictions. (Kinda like FanficCritic back in the day, but less anger and more straight up narration)

Like audible, for fanfiction!

So, hey. Maybe come check it out?…

I'm gonna try to have a new chapter up every Friday, and hopefully I can do reviews and vlogs and things. We'll see where it goes. 


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