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Zeo and Toby

The poster says it all XD I don't own anything

DAMN IT!! EVEN THOUGH ZEO AND TOBY ARE SO *BEEP*ING HOT I CAN'T HAVE THEM DX They belong with each other :iconawwloveplz:

And because I feel like it:
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Oh great gingas of hurry or he'll tell everybody!GINGAS A BLABBERMOUTH!
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Sorry I don't like this . I have an OC who is in love with Toby :( Zeo and Toby are only friends not more that .

Besides I am gonna start a fanmade

About Toby X Crystal OC In one of the parts Toby has a heart attack . He ends up at the hospital then , the doctor said that he has HIV !!! He is at age 14 and that is his last age to live so Crystal tries to find a cure ... But no one decides to help .
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I know, I was just kidding. They really seem like a close friendship to me now...

I act like how they do with my really close friends

And I have an OC who's in love with Toby too...

That would make a really good story
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Yup , BTY do you mean the part of the story that Toby at the hospital suffering from HIV ?
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Yup, it's a nice story.

(Though I still make jokes about the's fun :P)
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What is a yaoi I just became a member ??
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Nasty like that rumor of Justin beaver Xp

Ewe , well I don't know how to be funny that way but My character is very expressive in her own way . Well I wil see what I can come up . Besides many weird things happen in my fanmade Like Chao Xin trying to kiss with Crystal . Xp Chao Xin is annoying

Like you know that skunk that is trying to kiss the cat . I can't remember the show of that skunk .

(−_−) well Chao Xin has a strong crush on her like that skunk with the cat again LOL
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Zeo's voice actor would NOT be happy to see this.

I, however, am MOST amused.
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Glad ya like it, and did ya use it to troll him? XD
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Oh I most certainly did, anytime you have more like this, do share them with me.
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Yay! :D

They're my OTP :3
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XD XD XD XD Awesome!!!!
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No suprise here at all...
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The picture looks reallllly wrong
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