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By the Dark of the Moon by xxxChihiroxxx By the Dark of the Moon :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 1 0 Lucy Lu by xxxChihiroxxx Lucy Lu :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 1 0
Take Care of Yourself: 12
Take Care of Yourself: part 12
Rating: PG13, mild swearing and spoon related violence
Disclaimer: The characters of Hedone High and Hedone High itself belong to the absolutely amazing Darqx! Check out the original A.E.D and Izm at her page! Their awesome!

A.E.D was not himself. This was plain to see. This fact was also very troubling to the school delinquent Izm.
            Now he had been staying with .D for a bit now, waiting to heal up. And while he had planned to pack up and head back to his own room, and stop bothering .D finally, the incident a week ago had changed that.
            The prefects behavior however was not confined to that incident where he asked Izm to stay. Izm had begun to notice some new quirks of A.E.D's. For example, ahd .D always blushed just slightly when ever he entered the room? Not to mention he seemed to get angry a l
:iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 15 35
Take Care of Yourself: Part 11
Take Care of Yourself: Part 11
Rated: PG13 just cause
Disclaimer: Izm, .D, Zeke, and Wei Ren all belong to Darqx! Shes pretty flippen amazing so check her out, link in the description.
Note: Sorry it took so long guys! D:

Izm blinked his eyes open as he yawned. He felt warmer than usual, not that he really minded. As he tried to roll over however he noticed there was something holding on to him fairly firmly. "Huh?" He questioned as he struggled enough to shake free a bit. Looking down he was fairly surprised to see two arms wrapped around his waist. Even more surprised when he realized who they belonged to.
             ".D?" He asked fairly concerned as he kept wiggling till the grip loosened and he was able to face his constraints. ".D wake up." he urged as he nudged the prefect.
             "What is it Izm?" .D grumbled as he kept his eyes shut,
:iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 6 20
Smiling for you by xxxChihiroxxx Smiling for you :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 3 5 We eat you by xxxChihiroxxx We eat you :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 3 1
Yami Yakuza- 50 short pieces
Yami Yakuza 50 prompt preview
Copyright: I own all characters in these story's, as do their respective models. NO TOUCHY
Summery: 50 short pieces written using the Yakuza characters and setting.
Prompt Set: ALPHA

#01 - Comfort
Lucian stroked Lea's head softly, feeling her smooth hair and smiling. "Don't worry, those people from Victoria wont come back again, they'll never come back and scare you with those accusations, you'll be safe with me here, You'll always be safe with me here."
Lea smiled as she nestled in his arms "I'm glad. I hope they find their friend though."
#02 - Kiss
"Oh that is so cheating it doesn't count with siblings! TWINS!" Ezzard glared up at Wizalf and Ginway as they perched atop ladders holding mistletoe right above Rommell and Ezzard.
"Boys get down now or I will report you to Nevedita! Don't put it pass me!" Rommell chided sounding just a bit angry.
"Rules are rules" Ginway laughed "Now pucker up or we get to
:iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 0 4
We own you by xxxChihiroxxx We own you :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 5 1 Biting Time by xxxChihiroxxx Biting Time :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 3 4 On top of the world by xxxChihiroxxx On top of the world :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 2 0
Channler walked carefully along the beams of the old asylum. The floor was slowly caving in, and in the middle of the room you could see the old wood sagging inwards, a wrong step and you would be plummeting down to the level below. Raising one foot she placed it on another beam in front of her, feeling for them, to afraid to create a hole between the support systems.
               The walls creaked as wind wished its way around corners and through halls; the windows were all open on this level, white curtains flapping around in the breeze. From the outside of the building it had a creepy effect but from the inside of the room it was almost calming, a feeling of serenity.
               It was all calm and quiet, the only so
:iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 0 0
A nieve nave by xxxChihiroxxx A nieve nave :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 2 0 Think think think by xxxChihiroxxx Think think think :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 6 22 Id like to make myself believe by xxxChihiroxxx Id like to make myself believe :iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 3 3
Take Care of Yourself: 10
Take Care of Yourself: 10
Pairings: A.E.D x Izm
Rating: PG13 just cause it is D: <
Disclaimer: I do not own A.E.D or Izm : ) Their Darqx's and shes just plain awesome!

             .D saw Izm up ahead of him, his back was turned and .D jogged up to catch him. "Izm" He smiled placing his hand on the boys shoulder. "What's up?"
             Izm turned around, his face bloodied and bruised. .D took a step back and looked at him, his eyes growing wider and his nose wrinkling up in disgust and the need to vomit. Izm's eyes drooped, one swollen shut. His shirt was opened and .D could read "A.E.D" printed across his friends chest. "What happened?" He asked trying to take a step forward but couldn't find the strength to even move his legs.
:iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 11 27
Take Care of Yourself: 9
Take Care of Yourself: 9
Pairings: A.E.DxIzm
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer:  do not own any of these characters, they all belong to the awesome Darqx!

Izm was laying on .D's bed still. He was fine from what .D could tell, he just fainted in shock. He kept watch though, sure that he would be there when Izm woke back up again.
               ".D?" Some one knocked on the door ".D you in there?" Zeke called as .D stood up and opened the door.
              "Hey Zeke" he looked from the one standing in the door way to Izm in the bed before he stepped outside his room and closed the door behind him. "Find anything out?"
              Zeke nodded "I did some more talking and I think I know who it is." He pulled out a clipping of paper he ha
:iconxxxchihiroxxx:xxxChihiroxxx 10 17

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So it occurs to me it's been close to two years before I've put anything at all up concerning this account as mostly I just use it to check up on a particular web comic artist I'm particularly fond of.

if any one still watch's this account (I cant imagine for what reason) then a small update as to why this is all so obsolete:
Never really was much of an artist and what free time I ever spent doodling the same character over and over again since that's all I could really draw, is now spent with the crushing amount of school work I'm subjected to.

I dont really want to update writing on here since any writing I have time for is stuff that is probably written by hand in my note book during a particularly boring lecture, something I dont feel is quality enough to be put online, or c I dont want to be caught plagiarizing myself when I have to re use a story with lack of time to make up a new one during a particularly hectic school week as far as work goes.

My camera also took a lovely trip into a near bye lake, and by lake I mean puddle on the side of the rode so I have nothing to photograph with so all photography of cosplayers and anything I found particularly dandy or shiney has kinda stopped.

The Camera detail + the school work compounded with the fact that a recent move of mine meant leaving my sewing machine at my parents house along with all my wigs and make up supplies means I'm semi retired from cosplaying at least until summer since there is no way in hell I was packing cosplay when I had to fit all belongings I find meaningful into two sate cases because shipping is expensive and the airline wont let me just put 10 suitcases below deck anymore.

Oh also, I live in London now. So there's that. Though honestly with the weather patterns here I dont see much of a change between England and Oregon, just that it's much colder and the streets are un even causing me to constantly trip when I'm running to get to the tube station.

Will I ever update on here again? Maybe? I dunno, could be nice to have when summer hits and I'm back in the cosplay scene again, and even though the amount of BJD dolls I own has gone down a bit I am getting a new camera in a week or so, so pictures of them through a good camera lens will probably be a thing that happens. For now I might just upload a small backlog of photos of me in bad costumes for some random strangers entertainment with the finger pointing and calling of names variety of fun. Because who doesnt love self degrading humor? It's the only reason I'm ever popular at parties I can say that for sure.


United States
I'm Jill, or Chi, whatever you want to call me, I even respond to "hey stupid!"
Just an average girl living in P-town,
I enjoy cosplaying, and drawing, though writing is my true passion. I spend way to many an afternoon swooning over other great cosplayers pictures, and hope one day I can improve a little bit in my ability.

Current Residence: Stump town
Favourite genre of music: Pop, rock, and j-pop
Favourite photographer: Kalibri
Favourite style of art: Anime, also quiet partial to alternative styles
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: turtle
Wallpaper of choice: anything that suits my fancy
Skin of choice: Blue
Favourite cartoon character: Rosette from Chrono Crusade
Personal Quote: "I never said I wasnt an escapey from the local prison"


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