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Insane or Sane

''Are you insane?'' ''No, just sane.''


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Anime and Manga Pencil Drawings

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Happy Halloween 2014

Sketching Time

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Are You Another Shadow?

Vampire Knight

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Astral Bunnies Adoptables

Adopt Me

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Bat [OC]

My Adoptables and Requests

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Black Haze Dress


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Me, Myself and I

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Bound by Chains

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Main Characters of Bound by Chains

Commissions and Collaborations

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Like the Moon

-Summary- She was like the moon, a part of her was always missing. -Series- This is the fifty-three part of the ‘’Tales of the Past’’ series. -Copyright- Story is mine, written by me, edited by, posted by me. This story is inspired by the song mentioned in the actual chapter and the summary. You steal and I'll report you, comprende? Constructive criticism is more than welcome. -Contents- She was like.... the MOON. 1/1 -Chapter- We were together, all three of us, because she couldn’t choose. She wanted both of us and she had no problem admitting it. We were waiting for her

Tales of the Past

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