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Paradise Of Death


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CLOSED(Free Raffle!)Semi-Custom Textilisian Adopts


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No Ref Pose Practice 1

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Dane DeHaan PNG PACK


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Animalistic Love

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Floral Heart

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Beautiful Females and Handsome Men

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[Manga] Azuma Tokaku (Akuma no Riddle)

Akuma no Riddle

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Mutsuki and Seiran - 01

Barajou no Kiss

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{F2U Cute Base}

Betrayal Knows My Name

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Years of girlfriend | Cover


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'What is this-...'

D-Gray Man

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ayato-kun y yui

Diabolik Lovers

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Earl and Fairy

Earl and Fairy

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Some Well-deserved Praise

Never done this before, but having no experience is no excuse to not give something a try~! So, for the first time ever, I'm going to put up some of my favorites for artists I think deserve a little extra attention. This is Ashe (she's a girl) and OC of ~Merevy1706 ( Showcased here because she managed to make me smile and she shows so much personality in just a single, simple sketch~ (And her other stuff is absolutely fantastic, too.) Most probably recognize BlackStar, one of my favorite SE characters whom I write about on a regular basis, and here he is done very well by :iconstar-dweiier: Who gets props for the amazingly well-done prop

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Steampunk Bracelet Gear 2


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Karneval: Hirato


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Kiseki no Sedai

Kuroko no Basuke

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Nana - Our hopes (part1)


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Chibi Commission 6

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Alice Pandora Heart

Pandora Hearts

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Claude de Alger Obelia | renders pack #01

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Rosario vampire Dark Moka

Rosario and Vampire

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Rose of Versailles

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Skip Beat

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Pulsing with Music Stamp

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What everyone knows about Delilah is that she's gorgeous. She's tiny and permanently pre-teen in appearance, with cartoon-big eyes and perfect skin. Her body is immaculate; she runs around the lake every morning, ear buds jammed in, tiny feet pounding furiously as she runs almost impossibly fast. Everyone knows she knots feathers in her hair, ties them to her clothing, hangs them from her rearview mirror. She's childlike, with her tiny wrists and her wide sad eyes, and so everyone touches her head or pulls her to their body or picks her up and dumps her over their shoulder, which makes her shriek and giggle but I know it also makes her a litt

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Wings of the Fallen

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Yin - Monstruo de los ojos plateados

The One

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Kaname and Yuuki

Vampire Knight

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Zeno Yelow Dragon

Akatsuki no Yona

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