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Monster Test
By xxx6m   |   Watch
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Mature  |  Published: March 11, 2014
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This mutated, evolved appendage has a developed body increasing its mobility. With its large stomach it can expand in short bursts creating an extremely low pressure which sucks in anything close enough to its mouth.
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I don't know what that monster is, but I like him.
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"The test is a success, put the creature into mass production!"
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Pull harder,I think she's stuck.
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PerilComicsProfessional Digital Artist
where can I get this creature? or did you make it? It looks awesome!
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the evolved creature is interesting. 

feet is weird tho.  might make sense for something huge like an elephant like creature assuming it grows that big.

even though it has legs for better mobility, it lost its flexibility as it won't be able to hide in underground caves with water & sewer pipes in case of is discovery.  Its pretty much fair game.  this suggests that this creature has calcium based or cartilage based  bones to support its increased weight.

Unless the Rub Dub creature is in a pupa stage (lack of a better word) of an earth worm which is most similar to.  It doesn't really make sense to grow legs and tail of its rear appendage which is now closed off. 

I'd replace the legs with suction tentacles, having this would help handle prey better. It apparently had some issues when prey is not in proper position for eating.   not sure about the tail tho.

I'd rethink this evolved Rub Dub creature but then again this things a mutant, who knows what pile of brew it came from. ;)
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The legs make me think that it MIGHT be from some kind of ‘Bird’ (I'm just not sure "what kind"?)

I think that you WOULD be better-off, REPLACING the legs… with TENTACLES… AND, change the Skin Color… to OCEAN BLUE…!

Everything else, however, Looks Good!
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dunno about ocean blue. some light shade of blue would be appropriate.  other colors.. pink, white, transparent and light brown if semi-surface like earthworms are.

this creature appears to be a subterranean creature, it has no eyes so uses other means of dectecting prey.  if this creature does go on on a surface to hunt for prey, so it prolly makes sense for it to have darker skin.
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:) Thank you for the feedback guys, I'll definitely change things to it. I love both of your ideas and that description is lovely lol.

Juss a test ;)
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OdinVonDHobbyist Digital Artist
How wonderful! 
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Lovely high heels !! 
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Interesting monster; awesome poses.  That thing's got good potential as a vore creature.
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DownGoesTheLeverHobbyist General Artist
Very fascinating
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SlingBlade87Professional Writer
Hmm, yummy.
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