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I DON'T KNOW! Muhaha.

I'm slightly disappointed at the complete lack of comments from my last journal..not really.NOone ever comments on meh journals. So I can write whatever I

•IN any case. I'm still on the fence about changing accounts. I may not I may..we'll see.

•My horse likes ONLY McDonalds French Fries

•You..yes YOU who are reading this now have a 95% chance of NOT commenting on this journal

•This journal has a 5% chance of ever being seen

•I'm seriously bored so if you want to trade for something let me know.

•Still feeling random

•NOW for the "WTF" part•

I went on an online tutoring site today and had a chat with some one I asked for help with a math problem. Now naturally it says "free" so I go on there and they help me for bit and then say "you obviously need more help with this problem"(there is a chatroom to the side of the "blackboard" so yeah) and then proceded to say "join now its only $19.99 a week for UNLIMITED HELP and $49.99 for a month!!" here is the vague outline of the conversation and how it went...

•Counselor comp/possibly person- "please just try one week"

•Me- "umm no its a bit expensive"

•Counselor comp/possibly person-"no its not at all, its cheap"

•Me- "By your definition,adieu."

•Counselor comp/possibly person-" please,wait..."

•Me(and my sarcasm now)-"For what?"

•Counselor comp/possibly person-"let me explain"

•Counselor comp/possibly person--"our prices are cheap"

•Me-"Well you didn't answer the question right..or was that a marketing ploy..oh evil genius?"

•Counselor comp/possibly person-"...*says random answer.."

•Me-"Are you a computer?"

•Counselor comp/possibly person-"...*says random answer.."

•Me-"Oh so you ARE a computer, in that case I name you Bob,you are an evil genius, and I am leaving you"

•Counselor comp/possibly person-"Please,wait....are you with me?"
•Me-"No Bob, I can no longer wait. And no, I am no longer with you, I'm walking towards the light Bob, gooodbyyyeee booooobbbbb!!!!"
•Bob-"Is there a number I can call you at to better explain or help you?"

As pointless as that was I'd like to say that it was a rather entertaining conversation for me. I'm still not certain if he was a real person or not, if so I'm sure I made his day.xD the place was feel free to annoy them
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