A Possible Change...maybe.. please read xD

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I am seriously thinking about changing accounts and starting over. I believe that I'll prob keep this one up and make it my stick account or something. But I want a new name so that would be my whole driving force behind switching accounts. I don't know.. what do you think? Please feel free to comment. oh and the few people that are watching me..would you continue to if I switched or got a new one? Lol.

•In other news overall I'm feeling pretty good and my whole modeling go is actually going to start as soon as school ends for Christmas break. So wish me luck in that endeavor.

•My horse ripped her blanket epically today and its like...dead.

•Yes, I did, in fact, desperately want to pick her up and throw her across her stall..which is obviously impossible seeing as shes rather heavy.

•So yes, I'm out of a $150 blanket..but I am still extreemly happy

•Apparently I am a "sexy monkey" of a hip-hop dancer (me 'an my white self)xD

•My ex-enemy (umm if thats how you chose to catagorize her) did not bring the guy who I liked and who was a total ass and did like me buut...long story..did not bring him to the drama final thank God. (yes she and I ended up in the same class *headdesk*)

•I feel very cool right now though I know I sound retarded

•And God only knows what other randomness I currently possess because I am extremely happy at the moment as I aced my Drama 104 final monologue presentation.

• I really enjoyed it.Loved it. Even though I'm more into film and all that it was still nice to do more of a Theatre thing.

•Annywho I'll be uploading some new art soon...unless you all agree that an account change would be good xD^^


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