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Kingdom Hearts. A game containing character.


And stuff.

A somewhat idiotic burnette that hangs around with Playhouse Disney Characters. Named....SORA. THAT'S RIGHT. SORA. The kid who kills peoples that are more awesomer than him. It's jealousy, in my opinion.
(Sorry for Sora fans)

The girls are okay. Like Kairi for instance...
As a younger child, (growing up with Sora and Riku,) she is VERY obnoxious. As she get's older, she is A LOT better.

Namine is a lot better than Kairi for some reason...

Riku....Hm. That DUDE. It's funny how Sora explained how strong and tough Riku is. Like saying, "His arms are really thick," or comparing his broad chest with a tree trunk, and stuff like that. FROM THE KH MANGA. Take it from me, I think Riku is pretty cool. But, something tells me...That the chemistry between Sora and Riku is a little bit overboard. If you know what I mean. I can't help but imagine him singing "Stupid Cupid" By Mandy Moore, to Sora. XD
It's on Youtube...

ORGANIZATION XIII(going to be long. Mostly talking about my opinion on them):
Xemnas....I don't EXACTLY like him...But he is pretty cool. His black and white patterned outfit is very SPECIAL. I call it his "moo-moo" outfit. XD
Xigbar is also cool. With all his "As if!" Statements and shit. He has an accent that a lot of people in movies and stuff have, that is REALLY annoying. But it's not annoying on him. It's very...SPECIAL. The accent is what most people call....The "Surfer Dude" Accent. Heh.
Xaldin. He...freaks me out a little. But...since he works for pointy, knifey, stuff...I approve of him. Since, I tend to enjoy playing with knifes and stuff.
Vexen is really freaky. I used to absolutley,(lol "Absolute Boyfriend" LOL sorry,) hate him. But then, I realized that he and I have a few in common. Well, not really. My friend calls me her "little Vexen," for some reason.
Zexion is quite adorable. I like his hair. It's REALLY pretty~ ^^
A lot of people love him. Well, he IS pretty so I can't disagree. Some people ask me what his weapon is so I tell them it's a book, the "Lexicon." But whenever I say that always imagine him whacking people with his book. ALSO, he is the shortest member of the Org. (Next to Roxas)
Did I forget Lexeaus?? Hm. Oh well. I don't like him that much anyways. I mean, why wouldn't I?!?!? His Class Rank is "BULKY" D:
Saix may be the most COOLEST, BESTEST, HAIR-FLIPPING, PUPPY!! That's all I have to say about him.
Axel. The red-haired, fire-element, hourglass-figured, pedoLEECH, guy.
I like his style. Being pedophile an- I mean pedoLEECH. lol *whisper* It's all in the paper. (Hur. Axel butt. LOL. Sorry.)
DEMMY!!! YAY!!! He has cool hair. He must have hand-eye coordination!! With his Sitar playing and all. He IS a fellow musician.
Luxord is a cool gambler. Teehee. With accent. A LONDON accent. It would be sooooo cool if he says "Luv" after each sentence he's talking to someone. (Not "LOVE", "LUV" There's a difference!!! NOOO DERRRR. Hur.)
MARLAY!!!! He is soooooooooo cool. AND TALL. :D I like tall people. They amuse me. XD I like him in the Manga. Being more girly and all. OMFG. Have you people seen him smirk and laugh?!?!?! OMG. It's so breath-taking. (Not in a good or bad way.)
Larxene is OKAY. No more than that. I don't really like her. She is a child abuser. D8 But, I understand. It must be her time of month. XP
I mean, we all can tell by her bitchy attitude.
Roxas is the shortest member. Which is really special of him. He is paired with number 8, in a lot of places. It's SOOOO popular. TOO. Popular. I like it too, though......I can't help it. It's a very touching friendship that makes them a good pairing. I'm trying to catch up on a different pairing now!! ZEMYX. ZexionXDemyx. *nod nod* Good, good.
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Death Note guys

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L: He is super cool, super smart, he's a super super GUY!!! :D L is soooo smart and sooooo cute. I love how he loves sweets. He shouldn't have died. :(


Matt:..........................................................................................KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt...........He...h-he is just too cute. It's sad that he is a minor character and died early.......e-excuse me for one second (runs to a corner and started sobbing) O-okay. I'm okay. *sniff* (wipes tears) Anyways. I love him. He is so awesome. I love you Matt. *chuuuuuu~*

Near: 0_0 Near? Near?! NEAR?! NEAAAAAARRR??!?!?!? OMG!! HE IS LIKE.......LIKE........LIKE LIKE L-LIKE SOOOO CUTE!! XD

Mikami: He is cute. I love his hair. Muwhahahaha.......

Light: I guess he is okay. He is pretty cute. But I hate that he kills people. That's my job. -_-
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These are characters from Naruto that I love and I will say why I love them.

Akatsuki only!!!:

Deidara- He is just way too adorable in the way he talks AND his apperance. I love how he was little mouths on his hands, and his way of fighting is just plain awesome. Also he has pretty and long hair.

Itachi: I love the way he talks and the way he pokes Sasuke on the head. His hair is long and pretty like Deidara's. I love how he glares at people for no reason. I love how he fights, and I love his Mangekyou Sharingan, (HYPNOSIS OF DOOM!)

Sasori: I think that fact that he is a puppet is just too cute. He has ADORABLE facial expressions, and I like how he argues with Deidara about the true meaning of art. His hair looks so pretty it makes me want to ruffle it. ^^

Hidan: He is just so sexy. I love the way his looks like he used gel to push it back. I love his religion interests, and it's adorable when he swears. He fights so awesomely. His synthe is just soooo COOL! Also, I like him because he is immortal, it's funny how he yells from time to time.

Zetsu: YAY!!! ZETSU!! My little canniable. I love his/their voice (dark/white,) and I love the fact that he/they is canniable. I love his/their venus flytrap he has, and I love how he/they pop(s) out of the ground like a little daisy. It's adorable seeing him/them talking to talking to themselves. ^///^
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