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These are characters from Naruto that I love and I will say why I love them.

Akatsuki only!!!:

Deidara- He is just way too adorable in the way he talks AND his apperance. I love how he was little mouths on his hands, and his way of fighting is just plain awesome. Also he has pretty and long hair.

Itachi: I love the way he talks and the way he pokes Sasuke on the head. His hair is long and pretty like Deidara's. I love how he glares at people for no reason. I love how he fights, and I love his Mangekyou Sharingan, (HYPNOSIS OF DOOM!)

Sasori: I think that fact that he is a puppet is just too cute. He has ADORABLE facial expressions, and I like how he argues with Deidara about the true meaning of art. His hair looks so pretty it makes me want to ruffle it. ^^

Hidan: He is just so sexy. I love the way his looks like he used gel to push it back. I love his religion interests, and it's adorable when he swears. He fights so awesomely. His synthe is just soooo COOL! Also, I like him because he is immortal, it's funny how he yells from time to time.

Zetsu: YAY!!! ZETSU!! My little canniable. I love his/their voice (dark/white,) and I love the fact that he/they is canniable. I love his/their venus flytrap he has, and I love how he/they pop(s) out of the ground like a little daisy. It's adorable seeing him/them talking to talking to themselves. ^///^
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