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ItachiXDeidara.....FOREVER!!!! MUWHAHAHA!


Anyways, it's took me an hour to draw this...SO YOU BETTER LIKE IT. jk

It's my first itme drawing a kissing scene. The reason I don't draw kissing scenes is because I suck at them, you probably noticed that from the drawing.


It's like it's 1:30 in the morning and I can't sleep! UGH!!
Oh yeah.....I remeber now, I took a 4 hours nap today.....
I woke up but then slept again after one hour....then woke up again....then slept......then it was like around 7 'o clock.
Then I ate dinner, then blah blah blah....OH MY JASHIN!!!
WHAT AM I DOING?? I AM HERE MAKING YOU LISTEN TO THIS CRAP. I'm sorry~ I doubt you people even read this far....
God I'm sleepy now.....WTF?! SLEEPY MY @$$!!!

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