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Demyx.......I love you -Zexion

Just a little picture I drew for my little ZexionXDemyx fanfiction I'm going to start working on.
I drew the picture with pencil and scanned it. All the colors, effect, and stuff are from Photoshop.

I made up the poem, type, thingy......yeah. I typed it with MS Paint.


I don't own the character or the programs..........and crap.
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HowlingWolf201's avatar
LOVE it! it's so cute!! i can read the text just fine, but maybe for the people with evil computers and such, you should put what the text says in the artists comments. ^^ just an idea *hugs deviation*
Akatchi's avatar
It is RATHER pretty.x3
BUT! I can't read the text. O_o
Sorry. I have trouble reading colors that are sort of bright, like orange. Especially since there is more orange near it. :P
Can you still read it, though?
Akatchi's avatar
After I while, I could read it.
But it took me a long time. D8
I'm sorry!!! D8
I tried to make it darker, but when I did...IT WAS HIDEOUS.
That's the darkest I made it.
Akatchi's avatar
Well just shoot it.
I can't shoot it!!! It goes against my legal rights!!!
Akatchi's avatar
You "lol"
too much, Noko-san.
Akatchi's avatar

-spins around-
Risky Business.
Don't spam.
It's hurts Demyx's noggin.
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