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Hi guys! :bademoticon:

If you are low on points, go check out dAhub. All you have to do is give llamas, watches, and favorites to everybody in dAhub`s donation widget!

You can also be featured there if you donate some. :points:

So visit dAhub`s page now! :bademoticon: 

Hello, everyone! :iconkyokokyutplz:

Please read thoroughly, so any further misunderstandings could be avoided.

General notes

• Payment is received from the Donate button. Points only, sorry!
• Payment comes in advance. Feel free to ask for a wip if you want more info on your commission's progress. In case it was not started, you are allowed to request refunding.
• Giving me deadlines will result in adding additional fees. I cannot deal with stress easily and I hate rushing my work.
• I may decline a commission that I don't feel like doing or feel unable to meet my own standards. You will be fully refunded.

What I can offer:

• Winx styled full body drawings [Pixel art] 50 :points: 
Background may be white (default) or green (like my da uploads)
No transparent backgrounds available, sorry.
Types of file: .PNG, .BMP (you can choose ^^)

• Winx styled headshots [Pixel art] 20 :points: 
Background may be white (default) or green (like my da uploads)
Types of file: .PNG, .BMP 

+ Simple or detailed backgrounds [Pixel art]
Adding background costs 25 :points: (simple) or 45 :points: (detailed) 

!!! The cost may increase depending on drawing`s complexity.

• Casual outfits. (no increase)
• Magic Winx (no increase)
• Charmix + 5 :points:
• Enchantix + 15 :points:
• Believix + 20 :points:
+ Speedix,Tracix,Zoomix  + 10 :points: (price is individual)
• Harmonix (currently unavailable)
• Sirenix (currently unavailable) 
• Bloomix  (currently unavailable)  
• Mythix (currently unavailable) 
• Butterflyix (currently unavailable)

!!! For couples and group drawings the price increases  + 30 :points: per additional character.

+ You can request a special pose. (free) 
It will be either drawn from scratch or referenced from a deviant art stock. In case no pose was mentioned, I will draw a simple standing pose.

If you have any questions, note me for more info. Have a nice day! :iconsmile-luplz: